Just Us Girls

Waving Goodbye

On Monday afternoon, The Golden Afternoon of the earlier post, Angel and I waved goodbye to Grandad as the big taxi whisked him away to the airport to await his flight to France.

Thus began our Girls Adventure Week.

How did we occupy ourselves?

Rolling-Out Biscuits

Lots of ways.

We made biscuits, at her request. (Sorry for the cell-phone pic, the big camera was far away…Silly Grandmom!) We made a big, baked Mac and Cheese. (“Squishy macaroni, Grandmom?” “If that’s what you want, Honey.” “I DO!”) and got two meals out of it.

Ornament Cutting

We made dough ornaments (white clay recipe) – good practice for the Sprinkle Cookies we’ll be doing in a week or so!

Let me tell you, this kid’s a whiz with a rolling-pin and a cookie cutter!

Ornaments Drying

Of course, we did all the things we do in a normal week – school on Tuesday and Thursday, Uncle James to work at 6:30 am twice, farmer’s market on Saturday. I planned my errands well, and got the groceries (and a bit of Christmas shopping) done while she was in school. There’s even a tiny bit of Christmas Cheer decorating the house…

No pics – we want to surprise Grandad, and we KNOW he’s reading this from his computer in France!

Pickled Cranberries

Miss Jackie came to babysit on Wednesday, and while she and Angel played, I was able to make a batch of Pickled Cranberries…

I can not wait to put those on the table at Christmas!

And, no Girls Week would be complete without seeing our favorite Little Man…

Niko, Angel, and Santa

And a certain Fat Man, because everyone had been so good…

So, once again, I have no 4 O’Clock to share…but I think you understand why, right?


30 thoughts on “Just Us Girls

  1. What a fun days/week you will have, and lot sof great surprises for Grandad when he gets home. I really like her new hair cut!!! Will you paint the starts? Have fun!! LOVE the pictures.

  2. What a great week you Girls had! Such a great picture with Santa. This is one photo that you’ll all be enjoying for years to come.
    And thanks for the link for the pickled cranberries. I’ve been looking for special recipes for this year’s gift baskets. Mar shared seasoned roasted nuts recipes and now I’ve this one. Those baskets are finally shaping up!

    • Good Old Marisa – she can always be counted on for some fun canning stuff…
      The side note on the cranberries is to save the leftover spiced vinegar, and use it to make tasty sparkling drinks…I put some in my soda water, and I’m sold!

  3. Sounds like the girls had a successful week! Those clay ornaments are a really lovely idea…. I probably won’t have time now for this year, but a great idea for any decorations, not just Christmas.

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