Four More Sleeps ‘Til Santa


The tree is up, even though it isn’t finished…

The gifts are wrapped, but they still need bows…

There are two kinds of cookie dough chillin’ in the fridge, waiting for Friday, when Angel and I will bake them.

We’ve done the Preschool Christmas Concert; today is her Class Party.

Angel at her concert

Sugar rush, here we come!

(That’s her Christmas Concert dress Grandad brought from France. She will NOT be wearing it to her party….)

I managed to get a 4 O’Clock yesterday:

December 19, 2012 4 pm

We’re nearly at the low point. Friday is going to rain buckets all day, so there may not be a true Solstice shot. If there was, it would look a lot like this…


28 thoughts on “Four More Sleeps ‘Til Santa

    • This was a totally lucky shot – there are at least 6 of her and her little friend she was sitting with that are so blurry you can’t even tell they’re human…
      I’m hanging in there – the company begins to descend tomorrow, and I think enough things are done ahead of time that it won’t spiral out of control.
      We made your marshmallow/chocolate thingies to give the teachers, by the way! 🙂

      • My very wise older sister told me once that your guests are coming to visit YOU and not your home. Your guests will remember your thoughtful conversations and the quality time you spend with them. Years from now, your guest wont remember if your house was trashed or what they ate, so relax and grab a cup of whatever delights you and enjoy your holiday. I am so happy to hear that you made my snowy chocolate bombs. I am sure Angels teachers will love your thoughtfulness. Have a safe and happy holiday and hugs to Angel! BAM

        • So very true…
          I gave up on The Perfect Christmas long ago – don’t need that kind of stress. I try to plan holiday meals where 90% can be done in advance, and finished up on The Day. The decorations are what they are. I have nothing to prove, you know?
          Now, if I can only get my youngest stepson to put his dishes in the dishwasher, and not use every towel in the bathroom in the space of 4 days…
          Merry Christmas, Bobbi, to you, Mr. Anonymous, and the boys!

  1. LOVE THAT evening shot! We are heading back now…Angel’s dress is darling and her smile even more so!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  2. Wow! Your Angel wearing the latest in French couture. This Little One knows how to dress!
    Did you have a hard time getting that dress off of her? I remember my niece and her favorite dress. It was a fight to get that thing off of her at day’s end, every time she wore it. 🙂
    You may not have snow for Christmas and we may have too much. Maybe we’ll just take what we need for a white Christmas and pass the rest on to your part of the country. I’ll have to make a few calls and get back to you.

    • We’re BOTH luck – her Grandad has wonderful taste in clothes!
      No problems getting her out of it, although we have issues with a certain favorite pair of sweatpants that she refuses to throw in the hamper some nights…
      Spread that snow around! But, judging from this morning’s wind, if it comes here it’ll be clear out over the Atlantic before it can drop a single flake!

  3. Mom here, typing on Nana’s computer. Angel is a beautiful child. I love that big grin. Her new hair cut is awesome. I hope she has a good time at her party.

  4. Well it is the 21st here already, has been all day, and the world is still here, just thought I would give you a heads up. The tree looks wonderful, as does your Angel in her new dress.

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