And A Good Time Was Had By All…

Stocking Stuff!

Did Santa come to your house?

I’m not sure if there were gifts left over after he visited us…

Someone's in the kitchen with Grandad..

I have it on good authority that it took him and Mrs. Claus until around 2 am to put that kitchen together. If he’s reading this, we’d like for him to know just how worth it it was, and to say we’re sorry if it made him fall behind in his rounds….

Opening Gifts, Niko-Style

Once the Little Man arrived (with his Mama in-tow), the party started really rockin’!

Niko’s got a very special style when it comes to opening gifts!

One of Many Christmas Day Tea Parties

The day was filled with tea parties, music, and dancing, followed by a true Christmas Feast with a crown roast of pork at the center of the table (no photos – I was too busy carving!). Angel’s parents came down for the day, as well as Auntie Sarah and Niko, Uncle James, and my youngest stepson, all the way from California, Angel’s Uncle Ollie.

A happy day, filled with love and good cheer….

Taking a rest

Now, a bit of Rest and Recovery is in order.

Good idea, Niko!



33 thoughts on “And A Good Time Was Had By All…

  1. Those grandbabies of yours are downright edible! Santa and Mrs. Claus have excellent taste in mini-kitchens, I must say. So glad you had a wonderful day.

  2. Grandma that was a great idea for the young chef cookware. However, the bubble wrap is the best gift ever and it looks like it tuckered Angel right out. I hope Santa was good to you. Take care, BAM

  3. Angel and Niko must have been very good children last year! That sure is some kitchen that Angel got. The year after Sis got her Easy Bake Oven, Dad was treated to min-meals that she had “cooked” on its stove top. He played along and ate it all, including the potatoes, poor guy. I hope Angel’s Grandpa fares better. πŸ™‚

    • Funny thing about that kitchen – Niko has one that’s nearly identical (different colors) that Sarah and Joe picked up for free from Craigslist…The kids both adore it, so Santa brought one for Angel, too…
      Your Dad was a good sport… πŸ˜€

  4. There is nothing quite so special as spending Christmas with small children, you can spend Christmas through their eyes of innocence and amazement with all that happens. It is so lovely. I can see you had a wonderful day. We did too.

  5. What a great kitchen! And now I understand why Santa had no room on the sleigh for the pony my daughter asked for – it was filled with presents for your delivery! Sounds like you have a lovely day, just like a Christmas day should be.

  6. Looks like fun was had by all! I am only a little bitter that Santa gets all the credit for the hard work that goes into Christmas. It is worth it in the end though.

    • Boy, is it…even on 3 hour’s sleep, the look on her face made it all worthwhile.
      And, don’t sweat that ‘credit’ thing…as soon as they’re old enough to be let-in on the Game, proper credit will be given!

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