The Slow Return to Normal

Toy Dishes

The last of our company is gone, but the tree still glows in the corner. The little-girl presents still litter the living room table, not far from the play kitchen…which is right where Santa left it.

Lots of Cookies

There are more cookies, candies, and other sweets in the house than we can (or should) eat in a month. Meal times have morphed back into Dinners, rather than Feasts. Thank goodness for Planned Leftovers – no one feels like cooking right now…

Girl in the Santa Jammies

The return to normal life is toughest on Angel… After three whole days of having a houseful of people who would play her games whenever she wanted, it isn’t easy to be told, “Not Now,” or “You need to play by yourself, Honey…”

Meltdown City.

It’s a process – we’ll get there. Yesterday was better than the day before, and today will likely be even closer to average. We’ll do our Regular Saturday Stuff, put a few more Christmas toys away in her room, and maybe have a cookie (or two) for a special treat…

Tomorrow, we’ll figure out how to rearrange her bedroom so that the kitchen fits…wish me luck?

And, to help ME get back in the swing, The 4 O’Clock:

December 28, 2012 4 pm

Cold and clear. Still no snow, but maybe soon.

And a dog.



22 thoughts on “The Slow Return to Normal

  1. I think I know how Angel feels. It is hard getting back into it. I think the toughest part about it here is that it is school holidays for another month and so getting back into normality isn’t going to happen until then. I hope it was all good fun. Good luck with that kitchen, the 4o’clock is looking much lighter since the last one you took. I am hoping you get snow soon.

  2. Glad things are getting back to normal for you guys, it can be a tough transition especially for the younger ones. Cody and Carter’s toys continue to flow out of their room and there are a few that are still hanging around the tree in the living room.

    Love the 4 O’Clock. And the dog – of course. 🙂

  3. Love the pictures. I had forgotten how hard it is to transition back to “normal” with little folks. Looks like you and Sarah are getting snow. I hope the kids both get fun time in the snow.

  4. Poor Angel. Just when she was getting the hang of it — receiving, gifts, unwrapping gifts, cookies everywhere, Niko and a houseful of people to play with, etc, etc, etc — it’s all over.
    Just how many sleeps till next Christmas, Grandma?

  5. I love the visual of seeing how the days are, in fact, getting longer in your 4 O’Clock. Wishing you luck with the rearranging and the fitting in of new toys, and a return to a regular routine (which I think we grown-ups need almost as much as the little ones do).

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