Getting Back To Business

The 4 O’Clock:

January 2, 2013 4 pm

Angel goes back to school today – one more step on the road back to Normal. As I write this, before sunrise, it’s 12F outside, and the wind is blowing….

Hope most of you are a little bit warmer than that!


24 thoughts on “Getting Back To Business

  1. Cold or no, I bet Angel was excited to get back to school.
    We were that cold yesterday but today is a bit warmer. The forecasters are saying we may hit 50˚ by next Wednesday. I think they always put a day like that in the long-range forecast to inspire hope. It’s like forecasting a 75˚ day when we’re in the middle or a heatwave. πŸ™‚

  2. It’s good to get back to a routine. Was she excited this morning to be going back to school? It’s cold here at night but warms up to the 40’s during the day. The sun was awesome yesterday and I’m hoping for it again today. Have a good day.

  3. I can feel the chill from your photo Marie! We are still enjoying a mild spell here – the ski resorts are struggling in the Alps as there’s been so little snow!

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