Still Here…

1-9-2013 Sunrise

One bright and shiny Winter Wednesday morning, more than a dozen years back, I was picking my way carefully from car to front steps, arms hung with plastic shopping bags full of Household Necessities, and my (at the time) ever-present open 20-ounce bottle of soda in my right hand, when Something Went Wrong.

The precise date escapes me, but it was a Wednesday, no doubt. I wasn’t at work, had been shopping, and was unaccompanied by any member of my brood, so it wasn’t Sunday. The house was empty, and would be all mine for the next few hours.

Maybe that’s what was on my mind as I rounded the corner – spending a bit of time in silence before the Invasion of the Teenagers. Maybe I was making mental lists of the things that needed to be done (I do that a lot). Whatever it was, I never got to it. My next conscious thought was, “Why is my arm wet?”

My soda was still in my hand. My arm was still at a right-angle to my body. My body, however, was no longer at a right-angle to the ground. The brown, bubbly cola was spilling out, running down my arm and spreading over the snowy, slushy path my feet had been planted-on, moments earlier.

Sunrise 2 1-9-2013

It took what seemed like a long time to get my brain to re-engage enough to even put the bottle down, much less to assess the possible damage. “Oh, I seem to be lying on the cold, wet ground. Perhaps we should do something? Hello? Brain? A bit of assistance? Muscles – how about you?” I have a vague recollection of rolling over, getting up on hands and knees and crawling to the wooden front steps a few feet away. I’m pretty sure I actually walked through the front door, surprised that It Didn’t Hurt.


The doctor said I had small fractures in 2 vertebrae. No treatment, other than take it easy and here’s some pills if it gets too bad. I called my boss, said I’d be late, and asked if someone else could please set-up the seafood case the next morning. No problem. It still didn’t hurt that much.

Then came morning. Oh. My. God.

The muscles in my back, which had tried so valiantly to keep me upright, were frozen. Never in my life had I felt anything like that…and until last week, it was consigned to the Dustbin of Memory.

No dramatic fall this time; just a wiggly granddaughter being lifted out of a grocery cart. Twingy at first, then full-on frozen. Sitting down hurt. Standing up hurt. Lying down flat was impossible for three days.

I have a renewed appreciation for those who struggle with chronic pain. God Bless you, people who live with that, and still live your lives…

January 9, 2013 4 pm

I’m better, if you hadn’t guessed. Not all-the-way healed, but better enough to sit at my desk, or grab the camera for a beautiful sunrise.

Or a drab 4 O’Clock.

Time to tackle those things that were left behind while I mended! That Christmas tree has overstayed its welcome…


41 thoughts on “Still Here…

  1. It’s good to see you online again!! I’m glad you are able to sit at your desk. Rest as much as you can and let your body heal.

  2. Back injuries are the worst. Especially ones that come back to haunt us from an old injury. Be patient, rest and write- maybe lying down or however you feel comfortable as we will miss your stories and this will keep your mind off the pain. Did you get an MRI? Wishing you a quick recovery. BAM

    • Hi, Virginia, and welcome!
      I hadn’t thought about Pilates, but I have an appointment next week with a yoga instructor. She’s done wonders for Hubby’s back issues – mostly by teaching him to stand up straight, I think 😉 I made the appointment a month ago, mostly to get help with flexibility. The timing couldn’t be better…

    • Yeah – I remember that you have chronic back issues. It’s been so long since I had an episode that this was total shock. I move hay bales and heavy rocks all summer long without trouble…but they don’t wiggle at just the wrong moment, eh?

  3. Lovely, lovely sunrise. Having been there with chronic back pain, I feel for you (more than you might imagine). So glad to hear you’re starting to recover.

  4. I’m reading this with a frozen wince and a long, low groan. I’ve had those back muscle spasms that make you feel like a wooden board for a quick second, and then sink into a wretched pain for either days or weeks. I’m so very glad you’re already feeling better. Those sunrise pictures are magnificent.

  5. I am so glad to read that you’re feeling better! DH has had an awful back tweak like it sounds like you had – no fun! I’m also glad to hear it wasn’t a fracture this time.

  6. It is terrible when you feel pain like that. I had a similar thing but with my neck, I woke up one morning and got into the shower and realised I was in intense pain. You don’t realise how much you use your neck for until you do something to it. I feel for you and am so glad you are feeling better. Love you photos, the colours are so beautiful.

    • Boy, that’s the truth! Just remembering to turn your entire body, rather than your neck takes a week…
      Glad you like the photos…I’m meeting with a yoga instructor today. With any luck, she’s going to teach me some ways to strengthen my back (gently!) so it’s less likely to happen again…

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