A Walk On Friday, Fog on Sunday

Milky winter sun

When last we left off, Our Girl was waiting at the door with her soccer ball, ready to enjoy the unseasonably mild day….

We did kick the ball around for a bit, but there were plenty of other adventures, too!

Hallo, Down There!

With the snow nearly gone, there were things to examine that Angel had never seen before. She stood over the voles’ burrow shouting like Pooh Bear at Rabbit’s door, “Hallo in there!Β Is there anybody home?”

Unlike Rabbit, the voles were wise enough not to answer…

snow and flowers

Nearly, but not All Gone… Warm enough for the dandelions to open, still cold enough in the shadowy places for a bit of icy white snow to hide.

No, Honey. I said put the flower in your pocket…

In the Hiding Trees

There was time for a bit of Hide and Seek, Angel’s Rules.

“Ok. You count, Grandmom. I’m going to hide in the Hiding Trees…”

In Round Two, she does the counting. After showing me exactly where I have to hide….

What's that under the fire pit?

This was her new spot. Hard to explain why I couldn’t hide there next…

Found You!

In six more months, she won’t fit in there, either.

The 4 O’Clock:

January 13 2013 4 pm

The Very Unusual Weather continues. Temperatures hovered just under 50F all day yesterday, with lots of fog. More April than January for us.

wet dog

Not that it bothered Sweet Cleo one little bit…


28 thoughts on “A Walk On Friday, Fog on Sunday

  1. Looks like we’ve swapped weather systems – the mild weather here has gone, now it’s sub-zero and snow. Very pretty to look at, but I’d rather be out playing hide and seek!

  2. You having some strange weather. What a Voles? We only get cracks in the ground like that when it hasn’t rained for years. I love her rules, very cute, rules you can only play with a 3 year old.

    • Strange, indeed! 60F yesterday afternoon…
      Voles are rodents, a little bigger than mice. They dug those ‘cracks’ in the yard while it was covered with snow. The one Angel is looking into is a hole that goes deep into a burrow…

  3. I’m assuming that your back must be better if you’re able to play hide & go seek. I hope I’m right. I must add that if you ever feel well enough to get into Angel’s new spot, please give me your Dr’s phone number so that I can get whatever prescription he’s given you.
    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I made pickled cranberries and they were included in my gift baskets at Christmas. They were very well-received. Thanks, Marie, for the link. πŸ™‚

    • It’s lots better, thanks. I just couldn’t stand being inside one more minute, either… πŸ˜‰
      Glad you got good results with the cranberries. I put them on the table for Christmas, and my son and youngest stepson declared they “tasted like ketchup”. Both of the little guys ate a ton of them!

  4. We’re back to our “winter” with nights in the freezing (32, sometimes 24) and days 50s-70s. Not that I’ve managed to get any gardening anything done for weeks…

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