Ignoring the “Shoulda’s”


There were so many other things I shoulda’ been doing yesterday while Angel was at school…

Like, vacuuming her bedroom.

Or, cleaning up the Plant Room in the basement to get ready for seed-starting.

Or, finishing a Thoughtful Post that has been sitting in my Draft File since before Christmas…

Mint Sprouting

But you’ve already figured out that I did none of those things, haven’t you?

If you’ve been hanging around here for any time at all, you probably also know what I did instead…


I went for a walk.

By 10am, the Girl was delivered to school, the bread was out of the oven, the kitchen clean, and all my online business finished. There was an entire hour and fifteen minutes before I had to leave for pick-up. The bright, brisk sunshine was too much to resist…

Mushroom on a young maple tree

Sweet Cleo and the camera and I set off for the back field…

It was a wear-a-coat-but-don’t-zip-it kind of day. Gloves unneeded. High overhead, the clouds raced, but at ground level, there was only a gentle breeze. The ground is mushy, but not full-on muddy yet in most places.

Dry Hydrangeas

We notice things in winter that are overshadowed in the more colorful seasons…the color of the tree stump, the lacy beauty of the ice and the mushroom, the intricate pattern in the dried blossoms, the surprise of early green shoots.

The cleaning can wait. That post will continue to refine itself in my head…

Mossy Bank at the Pond

Days like this are a gift.

Enjoy them while you can.


27 thoughts on “Ignoring the “Shoulda’s”

  1. Getting out for a walk is so much better than cleaning – especially when you come back with such great photos to share. The only downside is that the cleaning really will still be there when you get home!

  2. I recognise those well intentioned days that morph onto something else. In fact, that’s most days for me! It pays to go with the flow as you did. What a pity it would have been to miss such a lovely walk. There’s always tomorrow for the rest of it…..

  3. A fitting opening shot, Marie, of the tree stump. I was awakened by the sound of buzz saws this morning. The city decided to cut down a neighbor’s tree at 7:00 am. Just how long was that walk of yours? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Glad to read that you took the day off. I remember how much you enjoy these walks and both you and your back needed some R&R. And you took some great photos, too. Good for you!

    • I assure you, if I’d been in the neighborhood, I’d have knocked! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      It was a good walk, and no worries about my footing. The Yoga Lady taught me some new exercises to get those back muscles into shape…now, I just have to find time to do them, right?

  4. I was reading your post thinking I should do the same sometimes, just go for a walk, then I remembered the snakes, so maybe I will try and do this more in our winter. You saw some wonderful things. Sounds like a nice way to clear your head.

  5. So glad you ignored the “shoulda’s” and took a walk instead. I agree with you about days like that being a gift. It would be shameful to waste them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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