Two 4 O’Clocks, Because I’m Behind…

January 21, 2013 4 pm

I’ve been really bad about my 4 o’clock photos this month. Not just bad about getting them posted, either…I think I’ve taken maybe six of them since the first of the year.

Change, Adapt, Learn. That’s our mantra around here. When I chose 4pm for my photo-time a few months ago, I was almost guaranteed that Angel would be just waking up from her nap at that time. These days, an actual nap is rare.

We don’t even call it that anymore…

“Grandmom,” she says earnestly, “I’m big now. I take a rest, NOT a nap…”

Some days, it’s a stretch to even call it a rest…

January 22, 2013 4 pm

So, we adjust.

Just like we do for the weather…


14 thoughts on “Two 4 O’Clocks, Because I’m Behind…

  1. Actually two at a time is a great way to show us the differences. I used to tell the kids that it was Mama’s rest time. And they had to keep really quiet while I had a wee nap. Then I put them in bed with a peanut butter sandwich and a book. Then I would set the timer on the stove and they had to stay lying down, singing or playing as long as they stayed on the bed until they heard the buzzer go off then they could come and wake me up. I literally raced to the couch and lay down seconds before the buzzer went off. They thought it was a great lark!! But I got a wee break from the chirping! If they got it right they were then allowed 30 minutes of TV. Its all about the bribe! Your Angel is very clever to have noted the distinction between nap and rest. good girl. c

  2. I love Cecilia’s post about nap/rest time. I agree about two 4 o’clock pics being a good thing. Take some time for yourself!!

  3. Angel’s rest reminds me of Gone With The Wind, when all the women are sent upstairs to nap while the men drink brandy and smoke cigars. You should give it a grander name: repose or respite or quietude. Maybe if it feels fancy it’ll last longer…the first time. ;op

    • Hubby’s like Terry – and if he does fall asleep, he’s cranky when he has to get up.
      I think most Moms learn to power-nap when the kids are little – it’s better than a cup of coffee to keep you going!

  4. Life comes full circle. Having been up most of the night, I just awoke from a long nap, not a rest. It will take a while, to be sure, but “Big” Angel will come around.
    As for the two 4 o’clocks, what a difference a day makes!

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