Waiting For the Storm

How High Will It Go?

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not,but we’re about to get slammed by a blizzard…

Who am I kidding? Since this storm is going to affect New York City – believed by both residents and the Media to be the Center of the Universe – the entire world has no doubt heard about this storm…

A storm The Weather Channel has christened “Nemo.” I can’t think of anything more terrifying than a potentially dangerous winter storm that’s named after a little fish in a Disney movie. Can you?

Ready and Waiting

All snarkiness aside, this does have all the makings of a rough storm. Two feet of snow, plus 65 mph winds won’t be fun, even from inside the house. We’re as prepared for it as a household can be…

There’s plenty of food in the fridge. The tractor and the generator are gassed-up and ready. The diesel tank is full. Everyone’s snow gear is rounded-up, cleaned-up, and waiting. The bird feeders are full. A run was made to the craft store, to load-up on art supplies to keep the Junior Member occupied.

4 O'clock Sky

She doesn’t believe me when I say the snow may come all the way up to her armpits. Nor does she think Grandad is serious when he says he can make her a snow house. She cocks her head and looks at us, wondering if we’re teasing, or just plain crazy…

Most likely, the latter.

Take a good look at the 4 o’clock:

February 7 2013 4pm

It will be quite different tonight.

(To answer the “Where have you been?” before it’s asked, the answer is “On the sofa.” Angel and I both have had horrible colds this week. We’re on the mend now…)



38 thoughts on “Waiting For the Storm

    • I’m pretty sure we’ll lose power at some point. It happens so often that we have a big generator that’s hardwired into the house. It runs the central part, and the well pump.
      I just hope we don’t lose any more big trees…

  1. Reading about your storm has stopped me grumbling about the couple of inches of snow we’re forecast this weekend, Hope the storm doesn’t cause too many problems, and that Angel is well enough to enjoy her snow house when it’s built – and that you’re feeling much better too, of course!

  2. Sorry to read the bastardly bacillus found its way to your home, Marie. I hope you’re doing better.
    Slammed is right! (So is the comment about NYC and storm reporting.) It sounds like you’re about as prepared as anyone can be. Good luck! I hope the forecasts prove to be greatly exaggerated.

  3. I hope you guys are feeling better. Sounds like you’ve prepared well for the storm. We got really strong wind and some rain last night, here in Florida. Happy for the rain, not so happy with the damaging wind.
    Anywho, I’m sure you will weather the storm ok, fingers crossed, keep us posted. =>

  4. Ah so it is still on its way.. we had no snow at all, only rain, which john says is better but I am a bit sad that we may go the whole winter without any real snow at all.. i think youa re going to get my share as well by the sounds of it! A snow house sounds fantastic actually! c

  5. I’d wondered where you were. Glad to see you’re on the mend! That much snow at a small size is magical. I have a very clear memory from when I was three feet tall stepping (accidentally) into a snow drift. Suddenly I was underground with about two feet to spare above my head to the surface. I do hope there is enough snow for a snow house, but not so much snow to cause harm.

  6. I have read about blizzards in Little House on the Prairie, but we don’t hear about them often. I know they can be really bad, so stay safe, I am hoping for lots of snow, but really, what I want if you to be careful and for your sake hope it doesn’t last too long. I will look forward to the aftershots.

  7. in France, there is snow today where it is very rare : the vineyard of Meursault is under the snow !….and in the south of the land, and in Paris it will be for Saturday’s night again
    So, I am waiting wonderful pictures from RI

  8. It’s good to hear from you!! I have not felt well since coming home on Tuesday. Better today, though. The Chimney Sweep is coming today or Monday to fix the chimney and I will look for a gas fireplace…. or buy some wood!!! Please keep us posted on what is happening with you. TWC only talks abut NYC and Boston. I hope your youngest is somewhere warm and safe.

  9. Good luck with Nemo. I hope that little fish brings you a beautiful winter wonderland. I kind of enjoyed your snarkiness as it’s true. We (those of us in the snowbelt) tend to make fun of the media when they go crazy over snow. Back before climate change, we got that kind of stuff on a regular basis, but you didn’t see it on the national news. (The winds are crazy here right now.) I do understand it, though, as it seems like the some of the east coast (NYC) doesn’t handle snow well.

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