As Promised.

Here is the View, at 4 o’clock yesterday:

February 9, 2013 4 pm

Same (mostly) shot, at 7 this morning:

7 am, February 9 2013

Wow. Two feet, we think. It blew so hard, and drifted so deep, that it’s hard to tell…

Power is out to the whole island (yay, generator!), once again because a transmission line is down. Hubby plowed for 2 1/2 hours this morning, just to reach the end of the driveway…

I’d say we’re going to be home for a while.

More photos tomorrow!


47 thoughts on “As Promised.

  1. Wow … the whole perspective changes! Angel may be able to have a two storey condo at this rate.
    Please stay warm and safe. This weather even making the news here in South Africa! Laura

  2. Looks about the same here, though fortunately we have power. Good thing you have a generator! I think you’re right– no one will be going anywhere for a while!

  3. I’ve been checking my inbox waiting for this post. Glad to read that you’re all OK and that your generator is working fine. Tell Angel to be wary of the drifts. I once “lost” my two-year-old nephew in one just off his back porch when he lived in Buffalo, NY. Granted it was only for a few seconds but, much to his parents’ amusement, he had enough time to holler, “Help me, Uncle John!” and for me to reply, “Head for the light!” 🙂
    We’ve some warm weather coming our way. I hope it heads your way, too.

  4. Thanks for the photos. It is amazing!! Sarah posted some from Spencer. The next storm is due in here tonight, rain (YEA) hail, wind, a real spring storm. I’m glad Angel had a walk around the house with her granddad. Keep in touch, please.

  5. You’re 4 o’clock looks like a vacation poster: 7 o’clock looks like a danger-filled episode of Little House on the Prairie. It seems so scary to me with my California girl mentality, but here you are treating it like a minor inconvenience! I’m glad you guys are hunkered down and okay.

    • The media blows it all out of proportion. It’s a snowstorm. You get prepared, then you ride it out…There will always be accidents, and a few heart-attacks, but you just do what you can to stay safe…
      Then, you get to PLAY in it!

  6. Some storm you had there – was thinking of you this morning when they were reporting it on the BBC news. Good to hear you’re all OK and that the generator is working. How’s the snow house coming along?

    • I would love to know what they meant by “cut off completely”…Our Island, a very small part of a small state, didn’t have power, but the bridges were only closed for a short while at the height of the storm… The governor asked everyone to stay off the roads on Saturday so the plows could clear, here and in Massachusetts.

  7. I love love love love love love love those photos. I had to show everyone. Thank you for showing them to me. I will take it that they were meant for me. haha. 🙂 I know it isn’t wonderful for you, but it is for me. I just can’t imagine what it must be like.

    • Yes, the title WAS refering to you 🙂
      We’ve been lucky this winter – a few big storms, followed by enough rain and warm temps that the snow didn’t hang around long. You know it’s getting close to spring when even the 3-year-old is tired of snow, though!

  8. Wow… that’s a goodly amount of snow. I think you east coasters have been stealing all our snow for the past two years. I’m not sure I mind it very much. Well, maybe a little. I’m getting tired of the gray and rain.

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