Icy Window

I’m grateful, that when I get up in the morning to a door with a quarter-inch of ice on the window, that we’re snug and warm inside…

Drifted Back Steps

I am grateful that the house has other entrances, so that the 4-foot drift at the back steps can melt on its own…

(See the little ‘bump’ between the urns? That’s Angel’s wagon…)

A Plowed Driveway

I’m grateful for tractors with plow blades, and a husband who knows how to use them.

And will spend an entire day plowing, to get us out, even when he has an awful cold.

Cleo on the front walk

For old dogs, who act like puppies in the snow.

She’s not waiting to come in, by the way. She wants me to come OUT with her.

Angel's Snowman

For Grandkids, and snowmen…

February 9, 2013 4 pm

For the beauty of the day.


27 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. So glad to hear you’re all warm and cozy after the storm. Did you lose power? I saw the news coverage from Providence and the storm looked fierce. Back in 95 when I lived there our “big” snow was about 18″. It felt like life stopped for about 24 hours. It was beautiful when the skies cleared and I remember my daughter, then 3, having the best time playing in the deep snow off our deck. Enjoy!

    • The power was out to all of Newport County for about 18 hours. Happens a lot, down here in the swamp, so our generator is hardwired to the panel. When it came back, Angel did her Happy Dance, and ran around flipping light switches shouting, “IT WORKS! IT WORKS!”
      Proviedence is still a huge mess – lots of the side streets didn’t get plowed in time, and now they’re covered in a couple inches of ice…

  2. I have never seen snow like that, when it snows here it is light, well not here, it never snows here, but in the mountains. Even most of that is manufactured. I am in awe of it. I am also in awe of that last photo you posted, it almost looks surreal, there is a something really beautiful about it.
    I loved hearing the things you are grateful for, I love you attitude about it all. Does Angel still love the snow?

    • Got to thank my husband for that last shot – he was passing the front door and shouted, “Grab your camera, you’re going to want to get this light!”
      He was right…it’s one of the best I’ve ever taken.
      Angel threw a fit every time I made her come in the house – even though she was shivering, and her mittens were soaked…so I think she still likes it.
      That’ll last until she’s old enough to have to help shovel!

  3. That’s a great attitude, Marie. You’ve got plenty of snow, a Grandchild, a Husband with a snowplow, a dog — and power. Sounds like you’ve everything you really need. Enjoy this break in your routines. Made any snow angels yet?

  4. We should all make note of the things for which we are grateful. Please make sure John doesn’t overdo anything. I’m glad he has that big green tractor…. we have long been a family of John Deere equipment!! I hope that you are having fun and that Angel is, too.

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