Sublimation. Solid matter passing directly to a gaseous state, the way dry ice turns into tulle fog at room temperature.

Or three feet of snow become dense, eerie mist when the thermometer hits 40F.

Snowfog at the pond

These are from Monday. Not long after, the rain began. Some neighborhoods had street-flooding issues when their storm drains became blocked with leftover snow…mostly up in Providence, rather than down here. Big cities just have more issues than small towns…

February 12 2013 4 pm

By 4 o’clock on Tuesday, we could see the grass again…


18 thoughts on “Sublimation

  1. That melted quickly! The same happened to us a couple of weeks ago – you could practically watch the snow melt! (We’ve had some more since then though!) The sunshine looks lovely in your 4 o’clock. 😀

  2. How dreary can a day be? Unbelievable that so much of the snow is gone in your 4:00. So why couldn’t the weather gods leave you alone? They just had to dump a few more inches of snow on you all. And they wonder why they were replaced!

    • And there’s yet-another storm gathering for Saturday night. Could be 10 inches, or nothing at all, depending on how it tracks…
      I’m praying to every deity I can name that it’s closer to ‘nothing’.
      Have fun with Celi and The Matriarch today! Wish I was there!

  3. The fog pictures are enchanting!! I drove more than half way home the last time, with fog. It was spotty in places but heavy in others. Some in the mountains reminded me of Alaska.
    I hope all of you are feeling well. Did Angel get to make a snowman?

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