The Second Storm

Sunrise snow

Valentine’s Day.

Three inches of fresh snow, coating everything in sight.

Through the Trellis

While Hubby made a quick pass with the plow, and Angel got herself ready for school (Party Day!) I got a few quick shots…

Japanese Maple

Light and fluffy stuff. The slightest puff of breeze knocks it to the ground…

Snow and Shadow

By noon, it was gone., and we were left with just the cement-hard remnants of the Blizzard. That’s going to be here a while…

It didn’t stop the Delivery Man from bringing me some color:

Valentine Roses

Thanks, Honey! They’re beautiful!


26 thoughts on “The Second Storm

  1. Aw, isn’t that sweet! Glad to read you had such a special day, Marie.
    It won’t be long now and this Winter’s snow will be but a memory. Just need to hang on for a bit more. 🙂

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