Signs of Hope

Daffodil Noses

It’s another howler out there this morning… The snow that fell yesterday (“fell” is the wrong word; it was driven into the ground) is still blowing and drifting. We only got two or three inches, but there are places where it’s drifted to 18.

In a brief warm-up back on Friday afternoon, Hope poked its tiny head above the snow.

Skunk Cabbage, near the pond

A walk down by the pond found even more signs that Spring is truly on the way.

We took advantage of the (relatively) warm day, and piled into the car to make a run to feed the sheep at Simmons’ Farm. More Hope awaited there:

Spring Lambs!


Now, it feels closer, no matter what the thermometer says.


34 thoughts on “Signs of Hope

  1. Green shoots & lambs? It won’t be long, Marie! The Easter Bunny is coming!!! All it takes is one precocious little “classmate” and then the “number of sleeps” will begin. Of course, if you’d rather not leave it to chance, I can tell your Angel, and work her into a frenzy for you, in the process. 🙂

    • Oh, she already knows that Easter is on the way – I think it’s one of the first things she remembers from last year!
      Let’s allow the Valentine’s Day sugar to work out of her system before starting on the chocolate eggs, shall we? 😉

  2. Is that skunk cabbage, in the second photo? That’s always a grand harbinger of Spring here on Beaver Island. This time of year, no matter what nature dishes out, we know it can’t last…the sun is longer in the sky, the earth is turning…
    Lovely photos, thank you for the hint of what’s to come!

    • We still have big drifts all over the place, but the front of the house faces south and catches all the sun. The skunk cabbage is down by the pond, where the edges are snow-free.
      Fingers crossed that last weekend’s storm was the LAST one of the winter!

  3. Lovely! Thank you!
    I always keep daffodils growing right up against the foundation so that as the snow begins to recede, they can poke their heads out and smile at me! No sign of ours yet, but your photos remind me that they are on the way!

  4. I keep running out and looking at Mama and she looks straight back at me. she is going to make us wait I think, it is howling windy here too, but no snow to blow around, you got it all i think.. maybe rain this afternoon which would be very welcome, but even though it is in the forecast we are looking desperately at the radar and seeing nothing.. i wonder if I have naything popping up in the garden, i am going to go out and have a look, sadly a lot of my daffs are under builders materials (why do they always choose gardens to drop their stuff!!) but i shall look further.. have a lovely day honey, stay in and think lambies! c

    • The wind finally let up around 3, and the sun came out! Today will be much warmer – another yo-yo day in this very odd winter.
      Fingers crossed that Mama’s only got 2 (or even just 3) lambies in there this year!

  5. I love seeing Spring peak her head up from the ground. And I have no idea when you changed your header picture as my blogging has been spotty at best, but I love that orange sky with tree branch picture – love it!

  6. I was commenting somewhere else how it is funny, you want warmer and we want cooler temperatures. We seem to be stuck in a cycle of hot hot hot here. Fires all around yesterday, about 20 kilometres away maybe less, and orange skies from the state burning. It also smells. I will trade you any time. haha.

  7. Are those crocus popping up? You know me and my lack of anything green knowledge…unless it is a food product…LOL I saw the the ground hog did not see his shadow this year so hoping that things warm up soon for you. Take care, BAM

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