There’s a Tree in My Pond…

Maple Tree in the Pond

The wet snow and high winds of the Blizzard were rough on the trees. Two weeks later, and this maple is still right where the storm left it.

It won’t be going anywhere until the ground firms-up; right now, the tractor would stick in the mud if we took it down there…

Twisted and Broken

There’s other damage to be dealt with. This little willow isn’t in anyone’s way, so it’s low on the list…I have yet to get into the back field, but there are going to be surprises there, too…

Come on, spring.


26 thoughts on “There’s a Tree in My Pond…

  1. I hate to see a tree go down. You have lots of them, not so here. We escaped the blizzard today. Snow all around this neighborhood. Keep warm!!

    • We used to have a neighbor from Texas who blanched at the idea of having to take a couple of trees down on her property. It took her a long time to get out of that Southwest mindset, and realize that it was ok…
      Glad you’re not snowed-in!

  2. Sorry about the loss of trees…it seems to happen to us each winter as well. There is so much on the ground and more snow starting this evening and tomorrow. Good thing is that it is only suppose to be 3 inches this time. I’m right there with you about looking forward to spring.

    • It’s been a rough winter, for sure. The roads in town are lined with piles and piles of downed limbs, waiting to be collected. We have to wait until the ground dries before we can get in there with the tractor, or it’ll wind up buried in the mud…maybe soon!

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