Wildlife Wednesday: Yet Another Hopeful Sign

Hooded Merganser, Male

We had some unusual visitors on the pond this week, a pair of Hooded Mergansers.

What makes it a Hopeful Sign?

These birds spend the winter in the coastal marshes and estuaries – in other words, salt water – and seek out freshwater ponds for courtship and breeding in the Spring…

Can’t be long now, right?

Male and Female Mergansers

Pretty as they are, I’d prefer that they go nest elsewhere. They’re not dabbling ducks, like the mallards, eating weeds and bugs. They’re diving ducks, who are feasting on my fish. The fish aren’t in there for show – they keep the mosquito population down to tolerable levels.

So, use my place as a Singles Bar, if you must, but don’t get any ideas about renting a room!


28 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Yet Another Hopeful Sign

  1. Nature is such a double-edged sword. What we see as a sure sign of Spring, your little fishies call the Grim Reaper. I hope you can figure out a way to get them to move on.
    “Singles Bar.” Gotta love it, Marie.

  2. I love the way you put things, That last line is a real cracker. Still laughing. Well, I hope they do the same then. Perhaps I should fish in the water containers I have, see that stops the mozzies too.

  3. They are very striking-looking birds. Maybe your pond is just a stop-over – they’ll bring the spring weather with them… and then move on to someone else’s pond for the summer.

  4. lol! Send those ducks this way. Our pond is overpopulated and needs to be fished. I’ve seen a Merganser here once, and was quite excited about it. He didn’t stay long. Maybe he didn’t like our fish.

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