Wildlife Wednesday: That’s More Like It…

Mallards on the Pond

My mallard ducks are back!

There was a huge early-morning ruckus on the pond a few days ago – lots of flapping, splashing and quacking – and when it was all over, the mergansers were gone, and the pair of mallards were floating placidly, as if they’d never left.

Must be a HUGE relief to the fish.

Male Mallard

It’s been another rough week around the Ol’ Corner…one of those, “I took a shower, what more do you want?” weeks. With any luck, it’s just about over, and I’ll be back soon…

Just like my ducks.


30 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: That’s More Like It…

  1. Sorry you had a rough week. It’s good that the squatter ducks were chased off by the usual residents!!! Traveling today!!

  2. Oh dear, I just had a “I managed to take a shower” day yesterday but a whole week of it – I hope your outlook improves soon, just as the mood of the fish in your pond has.

  3. How wonderful……my Mallards from last Summer had a sadder fate….they came back, nested and hatched a little batch of ducklings. I was able to sit quietly on the shore and watch them swim with Mom and Dad, ever close and watchful. Then the hot Summer, with no rain–eventually the large pond dried up…the ducks were gone. The ducklings would have been to small to fly away–I still am sad about the loss.
    So happy yours are back. 🙂

    • This pair comes here to do their courting, but they nest somewhere else. At one time, there was a giant snapping turtle in the pond – she may still be there, but no one’s seen her in years – and she ate ducklings. No babies on our pond…
      I know they’re “my” ducks, because they’re not afraid of me, or the dog. When we have Visitors, they fly away as soon as I start towards them.

  4. It’s like a low budget Star Wars … “In this episode of Duck Wars, the Mallards Strike Back.” Can we expect a Disney movie?
    I hope the rest of your week goes better than its start, Marie. Hang in there!

    • The noise from the pond was more Tarantino than Disney…I fully expected to find at least one lifeless lump of feathers when it was over!
      The week may be a near-total loss, but after this storm passes, we’ve got a string of 50-degree days coming…I feel better already!

  5. Bugger those rough weeks, i just hate them, I truly believe that with a little warm sun on our tired faces we can face just about anything.. so i hope you get some sun today.. gorgeous shots of the ducks! c

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