Angry Snow

Female cardinal

You know that old saw about how the Eskimos have all those different words for different snows? I figure they’re mostly about how the snow makes them feel…

There are Happy Snows, that drift softly to the ground like goosefeathers and leave the landscape looking all soft and pure.

back porch

There are Christmas Snows, that can brighten the souls of the Scroogy-est individuals, and Spring Snows that make the ski resorts clap with glee. There are bright, dry Diamond Dust snows that catch the slightest bit of light and turn a simple walk into magical fairyland.


Then, there’s what we got yesterday…Angry Snow.

It began in the early morning. Tiny, sharp flakes, blown in on a Witch’s-Breath wind. Lots of them. But the ground was warm; even on the grass, they melted instantly.

This made it Angrier Snow.

Front Walk

All day long it came down, sometimes mixing with rain, sometimes with ice.

All day long, it made no progress. And grew angrier still…

When darkness and the temperatures began to fall, the Angry Snow began to get its way. All night long it fell, and the Witch’s-Breath wind became a howling gale, crowing in triumph.

As I write this, at 8:15 on Friday morning, the snow is still falling, and the Witch is still cackling, as though they’ve won the war. They don’t realize how short-lived their victory will be…

Angel and her new-planted seeds

Spring will come. It always does.


23 thoughts on “Angry Snow

  1. Well, I don’t know what I like best your beautiful little girl, the photo of the Cardinal or your words to describe this storm – it’s a tie. I just came in from doing my part of the shoveling and plowing. We had over a half a foot and it was heavy and wet but it seems to have stopped so I’m hoping the storm is over. Have a good Friday.

  2. Great post! I’m wondering when the snow is going to stop. You can’t believe what it looks like here…over eight inches last night and still going strong. No pruning of the apples anytime soon. Several feet on the ground and huge drifts. Your little one’s big smile put a smile on my face.

    • Angel had just finished planting her tomato seeds – they’re on the table behind her. As she told her Grandad, “Because I need PLENTY of tomatoes to EAT!”
      Let’s all hope that was winter’s last gasp…it’s time to move on with the spring.

  3. Mom here, posting on Nana’s computer. We had strong wind, even for us in OK last weekend. it was 50 – 60 MPH all night. Marilyn said even Lucky the cat would not settle down. Sleeping was not easy. I love the pictures. did I see bunny prints by the porch? Angel looks cute in her purple. Does she want to wear it every day? I’ll be home on Monday if all goes well.

  4. Hello there Marie, sending you some warm thoughts from HK your way. I sure do not miss the sleet and other type of precipitation. I think they need to fire that ground hog… Please let Angel know that Miss Bobbi says hello, Take Care, BAM

  5. The good thing .. the only good thing about snow in March is that it has such a short shelf-life. Much of the snow from the storm that eventually came your way is gone, with the rest sure to melt when the rains hit on Sunday. I doubt you need the rain but I’ll do what I can to send the warm weather your way. šŸ™‚

    • No help needed there – we have mid 40’s and low 50’s for the next week!
      This had to be one of the strangest storms yet…we got around 3 inches (mostly gone now) and 20 minutes away, they got 19.

  6. Love this post, Marie. I’m glad I decided to come back and have a look. We’ve had some Angry Snow here, too. Now it’s just spiteful snow, I think. Lake Erie is wide open to the cold, generating lake-effect squalls.

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