Just For Fun…

Let’s see what it looks like this morning around here:

back porch

It snowed until late afternoon, but in the end…


There wasn’t much to show for it.

front drive

Twenty minutes away from us in Fall River, MA, there’s 18 inches on the ground. Up in Spencer, my daughter’s car (a Focus) is completely buried…another strange storm, in a very long, strange winter…

But you know what?

Daffodils along the front walk

It’s over. You lose, Witch.


26 thoughts on “Just For Fun…

  1. My daffs are not up, or maybe they are I had better go and look again. When they start they grow so fast. It was nice to see our old daily view again too.. Nothing changed over there though.. the wagon is still waiting patiently!! have a beaut saturday.. c

  2. It must be wonderful to see the bulbs beginning to grow, signifying it is all coming to an end. You will be talking about how hot it is soon,and I will be complaining about how cold, actually I don’t think I will complain this winter, not after the summer we have had. I wish I had been at your place to see some snow and playing in it with Angel. 🙂

  3. Still no sign of Spring around here. Because of my building’s orientation, much of my flower & rose beds are still snow-covered. Even so, with Daylight Savings Time starting in less than an hour, there is an end to this tunnel, after all. YAY!

  4. Ha ha Marie!
    I was looking around the garden today, chuffed I’d remembered in late autumn to sow some bulbs, and of course my memory being what it is I really can’t remembe rwhat I planted and where – part of the “joy of Spring ” is a gusseing game!
    They are predicting snow here tomorrow – let’s just sit back and watch the country grind to a halt all over a teeny, teeny sprinkling of snow 🙂

    • We got a panicked email from a friend in Paris, telling us to make sure someone turned on the heat in the apartment so our pipes wouldn’t freeze…
      Now, I know about freezing weather, and a low of 25F ain’t gonna damage my pipes in a unit that’s completely surrounded by other, occupied apartments…so your neighbors weren’t the only ones being unreasonable! 🙂

  5. Celebrating Nana’s 95th birthday today. We’ll meet with the Taco Bell group later this afternoon for cake and coffee. I’m on the road tomorrow.

  6. I never quite understand how it is that you can have bulbs showing and we still are in deep freeze. I guess your temps are regulated by the ocean…but still, I’m jealous. Not even close to bulb time here yet. 😦

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