Four Weeks

March 9, 2013 4 pm

The Four O’Clock from Saturday – the last day before Daylight Savings Time* began, and the first sunny one in weeks.

Now, here’s the shot from four weeks ago, on the 12th of February:

February 12, 4 pm

Sometimes, I just need to see them side by side to watch the light come back!

* I think you in Europe and the UK call it Summer Time. And no, I have no idea why we’ve started switching to it a full three weeks ahead of everyone else in the world…but I wish we wouldn’t!



26 thoughts on “Four Weeks

  1. I am always amazed at how quickly the snow comes and goes! Hopefully you are well on the way to spring and summer now. South Africa desn’t have DST but we have to continually calculate time differences when dealing with USA and Europe 😦 Looking forward to your garden adventures – we are going into autumn now. Laura

    • We have our coastal location to thank for the snows coming and going quickly…it doesn’t work that way in the interior. Yesterday was lovely, so I’m hoeful that spring is really going to arrive on time 🙂

  2. It’s pretty confusing with the clocks changing. Thank goodness it is the same Europe-wide nowadays, but 25 years ago there was even a month’s difference between the UK and mainland Europe!
    Good to see the shadows getting shorter!

  3. I dunno, Marie. I kinda like starting Savings Time early, at least this year. My bedroom clock has always been difficult to change, so, last Fall I didn’t turn it back. Yesterday morning, for the first time in months, my day didn’t start with a math problem. And I’d like to thank my fellow Americans for coming together and doing this for me.

    • Too funny. Hubby set ours forward on Saturday night, forgetting that it was one that would set itself with the time stamp in the electric line. When we woke up, it was TWO hours ahead…caused quite a minor panic!

  4. I have a clock like ChgoJohn. It is correct only part of the year. That was good when I was working because I had to “figure” out the time and it helped me wake up. In retirement I guess I can turn it around so I don’t think I have to do the math problem!!

    I like the pictures. Trees are blooming in S. Arkansas but as I drove north on I 40 I remembered your phrase “chasing spring”. I think I did that today. Not much blooming up north. Driving south again there were a few trees…. as you know!!!

  5. Good to see the shorter shadows in your most recent photo, the sun is getting higher in the sky – on days when it does manage to push through the clouds!

    • ‘Improved’ is debatable…I like early-morning light, too.
      When I think about it, though, if we didn’t do the change at all, it would be full daylight here at 4 am in High Summer – a leetle TOO early!

  6. Your days are getting longer and ours are getting shorter. I love how you do this, it is really good. It wouldn’t make any difference here, the seasons are really too similar.

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