Wildlife Wednesday: New Face in the Neighborhood

Blonde Coyote in the back field

I caught a glimpse of her from the window…she seemed quite at home.

She also had the Good Sense to leave when I asked her to.

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!


30 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: New Face in the Neighborhood

    • We don’t have any problems with the ones in our neighborhood – they’re properly shy around humans. There were a few incidents in the past, but always because some person did something dumb, like leaving dry dog food out all the time.

  1. She certainly looks comfortable!! Do you think she has a mate? The photo is beautiful. Have a good first day of spring!!

    • “Our” pack isn’t a problem, but there are issues in other places on the island with coyotes that are too bold around humans and pets. This is a young one – possibly one of last year’s pups – and the fact that she left when I yelled at her makes me hopeful that she’s already got good manners…

  2. Happy first day of Spring to you, Marie. I wonder if the skunks will leave my yard if I go out there and tell them to? Although I can’t be certain, I’d be willing to bet I’ll never know.

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