Magic Sticks

Blue-Sky Forsythia

“Wanna see a magic trick?’ I asked the Little One.

She gave me the “Yeah, sure, Grandmom” sideways look…

“No, really…” I insisted. “Let’s cut some Magic Sticks.”

Now she was convinced I was trying to put one over on her…but Cutting Things ranks very high on her list of Favorites these days, and sticks are always fun.

Sticks in a jar

So we cut a handful of forsythia and willow branches to bring inside. We set them up in an old canning jar along side Angel’s seedlings in my office.

She stepped back to admire them, then shot me a look…

“Well?” she demanded.

“Doesn’t work that fast,” I said. “But you keep checking, and in a few days, those sticks will turn into flowers.”

“They will not!” she snorted. “Grandad! Grandmom’s joking me!”


Spring in a Jar

They did.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to make your own Spring….



35 thoughts on “Magic Sticks

  1. Way to go, Grandmom! Of all the cards to be played, the Magic Card probably has the shortest shelf-life, even shorter than the Easter Bunny card. Now that it’s been introduced, I hope you get a lot of mileage out of it.

  2. That is such an excellent idea – my forsythia has little buds, but I doubt if it’ll flower by Easter, so I’ll bring some in tomorrow. Have a great weekend Marie!

  3. Great story!! Chica is right about the bean in a jar with wet newspaper. Be sure the bean is next to the glass. Kids are amazed at this

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