The First Warm Day

Rhubarb Rising

Did you hear that noise yesterday? You must have. It was around 9:30 am Eastern Time; a loud, excited “Whoop-ing” sound. People must have stopped and wondered. Walked outside to listen. Asked each other, “Did you hear that? It sounded sort of like someone shouted ‘Rhubarb!'”

It was just me. Sorry if it unnerved anyone…

Sprouting Tarragon

The tarragon is looking good, too.

We finally got a good, warm day yesterday (52F), and it coincided with a Babysitter Day for Angel…I was suited-up and out the door before Miss Jackie even got her jacket off. By lunchtime, the climbing roses were no longer in danger of eating my house (or whacking me in the face when I work in the herb bed at their feet), and all the sucker-sprouts were cut from the little apple tree in the kitchen garden.


I ventured up to the Upper Beds to check things out…

Still no sign on the asparagus, as expected, but the garlic is shooting skyward. Pulled a few scraggly winter weeds and moved along…

Coming back down to the raised beds, I was joined by my Favorite Helper:

Looking for Worms

“You helping me weed, Sparky?” I asked.

“Nope!” she replied. “Me and Miss Jackie are looking for WORMS!”

And so they were. They found three of them, which Angel carefully lifted out of one bed, carried across the garden, and left in another bed.

A year ago, she was terrified of moths, now she’s carrying earthworms around. Progress!

First Garden-Hands of the Year!



24 thoughts on “The First Warm Day

  1. I moved the dogs outside totally. The fox is getting a tad to friendly, hanging around the chicken pen and I needed my kitchen back. Now if Evan will just get home and his dogs can go home I’ll be set….of course until one of the other kids needs or wants something.

    With spring in the air and working outside I can handle anything!


  2. No sign of my rhubarb yet, but yesterday I noticed the chives are just starting to poke up out of the ground! I think spring is finally here!

  3. I love the photos, as usual… especially the dirty fingers!!! I found columbines up about 2 inches today and the lantana is green at the base of last year’s plants. Seventy degrees the next few days so things should grow well!!

  4. Proof again that there are major differences between southern New England, where you are, and northern New England, where we are. (And we’re not even “north of the notches,” which is northern-northern New England.) Goodness, we still have some snow in the yard.
    Put another way, we’re jealous of all those greens popping up around your place. But we did see our first daffodil shoots this morning. Hopefully, we won’t be far behind you.
    Great shots, by the way. We can almost feel them growing.

    • Hi Jnana – and welcome!
      Winter certainly made up for its late start this year – it was ‘trying’ to snow on us again yesterday, but wound up a cold drizzle.
      I heard the first Spring Peepers last night around sunset, so it must be here for real 🙂

  5. It is looking good down your way and that is great. I’m so looking forward to the warmth…although it has been in the low 40’s. The snow is slowing melting and I’m starting to see a few patches of grass.

  6. Your garden is further along than mine, though my bulbs are finally popping out of the ground. Still, the azalea have bloomed every Easter since I put them in a dozen years ago, no matter when Easter fell — not this year. I thought it was strange that they always “knew” when Easter fell but now I think it more strange that they’re not even close to blooming.
    And in sad news … Last year’s rosemary bush gave up the ghost last week. I thought this one would make it, Marie. I really did. I’ll buy one next month at the farmers market and lie …er … pretend that it’s last year’s plant. 😉

    • My azaelas are still tightly closed, too – even with a few sunny days.
      I left the rosemary outside this winter, beside the stone steps. The jury’s still out on whether or not it survived. If it’s dead, I’ll do the same as you 😉

  7. I love those dirty little paws. I am sure next time she will be up to ears in dirt and making castles for her dirt worm friends. Lots of signs of spring in your yard this week. We have had 14 days of rain in Hong Kong. Lots of thunder and lightening and rain every day. I guess this must be spring…Happy Easter and I hope the Easter bunny is good to you and Angel. Take care, BAM

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