A Busy Bunny

'Hidden' Egg

We got a sunny, warm (relatively speaking) Easter after all!

Grandad – uh, I mean The Easter Bunny – was outside at first light to hide the plastic eggs filled with Truly Awful, Very Bad For You Easter Candy. I cannot tell a lie – I bought it. Jelly beans, marshmallow hiding eggs, and malted milk Robin’s Eggs.

No Peeps. I hate those things.

First Egg!

No Easter Finery this year, either.

I do wish that clothing stores would realize that not everyone lives where it will be 70F on Easter Sunday. The only choices I saw this year in Little Girl sizes were sun dresses. We won’t be wearing those a month from now!

We found her bright pink sweatpants, and she wore her purple jacket. That’s Easter-y enough for right now!

Tree egg

Our Bunny is a master at hiding eggs. So good, in fact, that in just the last year we found an old green plastic egg from when my youngest stepson was still carting a basket around the yard on Easter Morning. He turned 30 in January…

No candy in that one – just coins.

Almost got them all!

We tuned our Hunt this year to the abilities/attention span of our Resident 3-year-old by having a small number of eggs, in fairly obvious spots. “The Bunny” had left word, we told her, that she should look first in all the places where she plays. 20 minutes, 7 cries of ,”Oh! I SEE one!” and it was all good…

But where was number 8?

“Are you sure it was 8?” he whispered, puzzling as to where he left it.

I was sure.

Full Basket

It had blown off the tree stump – whew!

Hope your Sunday was as full of Joy and Sunshine as ours!


23 thoughts on “A Busy Bunny

  1. Oh look, big Girl gardening gloves and a watering can too! Very soon you can send Angel out to weed and you can play with babysitter inside:) Happy Easter to all. Laura

  2. What a sweet little Easter Egg Hunter! Adorable! I so remember the days of Easter egg hunts in the back yard. I miss those days. Thank you for sharing your Easter festivities! Happy Monday 🙂

  3. Easter egg hunts are one of the best things about Easter – remembering where the eggs are hidden is the difficult bit… That’s a lovely basket full of goodies for Angel to enjoy!

  4. I can’t believe how Angel has grown! Still adorable as heck, of course. 🙂 The Easter Bunny’s late hereabouts: I wasn’t able to find the aforementioned Robin’s Eggs–my spouse’s favorite–in the shops here, which makes me think he’s not the only one who likes them best! However, I suspect that getting said malt candies in a post-Easter selloff would hardly be a disappointment, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled still. Maybe Angel needs to come and lend her superior hunting skills to the task!

    • You think she’s grown? Scroll back a bit further to see the Niko, who turned 2 in February….

      Our Girl didn’t like ANY of the candy the Bunny brought her. She’s been feeding it to me, one handful at a time…I supposed that means we’re training her tastebuds properly, but to not eat Robin’s Eggs is kinda sad.

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