Wildlife Wednesday: Look Who’s Back!


Haven’t seen the wild turkeys in more than a year, but last Friday morning they ambled through the yard.

More Turkeys...

Hmmm… six. More than before.

Isn’t he a Handsome Fellow, showing off for the Gals like that?

Still MORE turkeys.

Oh…there are more. Eight, I think?

Well. It was good to see them. They wandered off to the back field, and I wandered off to my office to have a look at the pictures.

Fast-forward to around 3 pm. Angel is napping – yes, really asleep – and Hubby is out somewhere. I’m stepping out the back door to take out a trash bag, and there they are, not six feet away…marching single-file down my sidewalk.

All ELEVEN of them.

I drop the bag. I shout, and wave my arms (some neighborhoods have had problems with aggressive birds), which brings Sweet Cleo dashing around the corner of the house. The birds scatter, squawk, flap and fly…

Big Tom in the Tree

Bowling for Turkeys – Cleo’s favorite game.

And lest you think that Handsome Tom there flap-hopped to the first available branch:

Turkey in the tree

This should give you some perspective.

Yes, turkeys can fly, but not long distances. And no one will ever write sonnets about the grace and beauty of it…

Cleo sat under that tree watching him ( not as intensely as he was watching her) until I made her come inside around 5. She’s spent a lot of time in the last few days watching for them to come back, but there’s been no sign.

Waiting and Hoping

I think she liked the game more than the turkeys did…


20 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Look Who’s Back!

    • Wait – you went FURTHER north? 🙂
      We’ve got several flocks on the island. One in Middletown grew to over 50 birds, and they had to cull them. They *do* take their sweet time crossing the road!

  1. I’ll never forget the episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati” in which turkeys were used to inadvertently bomb a parking lot. Normally, when someone returns after a long absence, it’s customary to ask what they’ve been doing. Well, seeing his 10 travelling companions, I think we can all pretty much guess what Old Tom was up to. 😉

  2. lol! I love that look of waiting Cleo has in the last image. Turkeys are funny looking creatures, but I have to admit that guy sure is handsome all fluffed up. 🙂

  3. Awww, I know they can be pests but it’s so great to see the wildlife return after an absence. I worry that the less we see the less there is to an eventual end of Nothing Left…

    • That’s a sad thought, isn’t it? We should all be happy that some species are adapting to live among us…
      These guys aren’t too much trouble for me – no one around us has been feeding them, so they’re not aggressive. I’ve heard stories from other neighborhoods about flocks that will run AT people, rather than AWAY from them…

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