A Little Sunshine Makes A BIG difference

Tiny Daffs in bloom

Though it’s by no means Balmy Spring, we did manage a few sunny days in the last week.

Buds on the Quince

Buds began to swell.

That’s an ornamental quince. Looks like the right time to cut a few branches to bring inside and force.

Black currant

Some leaves broke their buds just a tiny bit…Like sticking a toe in the water to see if the bath is ready. These black currants are always early.


Still no sign of asparagus. Last year, we picked the first spears on the 16th of April. I doubt we’ll be doing the same this year. But the garlic has gained another inch in height, one of the rhubarbs has a second leaf, and the bulbs are bursting into bloom…

If anyone remembers the name of the blue one in the photo, let me know…I’m drawing a blank.

April 4 2013 4 pm

It might be windy, and none-too warm…but it’s an improvement!


32 thoughts on “A Little Sunshine Makes A BIG difference

  1. Your daffodils are beautiful – ours are still in tight bud and showing no signs of opening. Is the blue flower a scilla? It’s very pretty, whatever its name is!

  2. Still no daffs here but I’ve got a nice crop of crocus in bloom. Your grass has greened up nicely, too. We’re getting a nice, drenching rain right now and I think we’ll see a big change by week end. Don’t know what that flower is, Marie, but I’ll be checking back to see what it is. Would love to plant a few around here next Fall.

  3. It is amazing what a little warmth and sun does. Last year we were spoiled with a warm and early spring but this year has been anything but that. The warmth coming this week should start my daffodils blooming.

  4. I saw a bit of Siberian squill in bloom on the south side of my house where the snow has left; other than that…nothing! You are way ahead of northern Michigan! Lovely photos…thanks!

  5. We were near 70 degrees today but have a winter storm warning for tomorrow—- and 70 again by the weekend. Hard to decide whether shorts or snow boots are in order. Enjoy your spring days 🙂

  6. WAY ahead of us up here in Northern Mass! I still have snow on my veggie garden…..
    And I agree with the Siberian squill idea for your pretty blue flowers. I love them! Mine are at least two weeks away. Thanks for the photos; they give me hope!!

    • I was in Boston last Saturday – first time since the granddaughter came to live with us more than a year ago! – and there were still 5-foot piles of snow in the parking lot at South Shore Plaza…I can only imagine what you still have!
      Hope you got some good melting yesterday!

  7. I’ve been enjoying your blog, thanks! Loved the turkey stories and pictures. For your blue flower try checking out chiondoxa too, it’s another early blue bloomer.

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