Wildlife Wednesday: Wings and Water

Honey Bee

Spring took a huge leap forward yesterday, with plenty of sunshine, and a high temperature around 70. Lucky for the bees, there were plenty of Blooming Things (like the Aconite) to feast on. We don’t keep bees, nor do any of our close neighbors, so I can only assume these are from a wild hive…


Over in the pond, the fish are increasingly active, jumping and splashing in the warming water. The turtles are awake, but were unwilling to sit for a photo yesterday….I’ll catch them soon.

Hope spring is finally showing up around your neck of the woods, too!


24 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Wings and Water

  1. Things sure are looking good, Marie. You even have bees! Our weather took a step backward but, hopefully, once this passes we’ll be back into Spring for good. And then we’ll have bees, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Winter hit here yesterday afternoon when it was 82 degrees. By midnight it was 34. The wind howled all night 30 mph steady and gusts to 50. Hail and sleet hit the windows. The rain was good and the sun was back this afternoon. What a 24 hours!!! Ice on trees, power lines, etc. No damage here. sleep well everyone!!

    • Not quite as big as change up here, but we went from 64 at 3 pm to 45 at 6. The storms rolled through around 9, just as I was going to bed. Lots of hard, cold rain…
      Glad you didn’t have any damage!

  3. Spring is such a lovely time – we had just gotten into the beauty and sun of it all and then the winds and rain kicked back up again. Sigh. So we wait for Spring just a little longer.

  4. not one bee here, so I don’t even have any wild ones, i miss them too.. I am looking forward to the turtles… and am feeling a wee bit envious of your warmth.. but I promised not to complain! have a lovely day.. c

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