Jacket (A Springtime Poem)

Just Hanging Around

I’ve taken off my jacket

and left it here to sway

upon the rusty arbor

while the springtime breezes play.


I’ve shed my gumboots and my socks

my sweatstained ballcap too!

to let the sunshine play along

and warm me, through-and-through.


And now, I think I’d better stop –

although I’m tempted, sore!

I’m not I girl of twenty now…

I shan’t take off any more!


31 thoughts on “Jacket (A Springtime Poem)

    • Tempting as it is, the thought of the MASSIVE sunburn I would get keeps me dressed…You probably inherited your skin tone from the Italian side, right? 😉
      Also – can’t let the Kiddoes think Gran’s gone as soft in the head as she is everywhere else!

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