Still Here, Enjoying Spring

April 24, 2013 NOT 4 pm

Not the 4 O’Clock, but you get the idea…

Spring is here, for real this time (we hope!), and the Grands and I are taking full advantage. Thank Goodness for good weather, and outside play, or we might not have survived this transition…

Grandad’s been “on France” (as Niko says) for the last week, and is on a plane home at this moment. Sarah is enjoying her new job, and the Little Man is (slowly) adjusting to having his Mama walk out the door without him in the mornings. Angel LOVES having Niko to play with…and boss around. We’ve been working on that…

Hope everyone out there is well – I should be back to ‘visiting’ with you regularly soon!

Missing you all!


30 thoughts on “Still Here, Enjoying Spring

  1. The weather has been great. Glad your daughter likes her new job and the grandkids are getting along. I did have to chuckle at the bossing around. My grandson tells his big sister “your not my mother” several times a day. But, in the end I’m sure they each enjoy having someone to share things with.

    • I find myself saying, “You are NOT the enforcer!” over and over…and when I heard him shout at her – first AND last name, plus “NO!” – I knew we were in trouble…
      They’re loving it, though. Mostly…

  2. That is great news, and glad you are all adjusting. I can certainly see that spring has arrived in the photo, look at all those bulbs, just beautiful. I do miss the 4 o’clock photos. Keep well.

  3. It really does look like spring in your photo now – no need to pretend anymore. Good to hear the children are getting along well, it must make life much easier!

  4. How things have changed around the Old Homestead over the past 18 months, Marie! Glad to read everyone is adjusting. Look forward to having you back here more regularly.

  5. Don’t even think about visiting unless it is to show your Duo the animals, I have tiny tiny kittens now, I can send you a couple if you like!! (laughter!!)..hope you get a few moments to yourself every now and then.. glad things are settling down! c

    • Cats are OFF the list around here – Hubby is one of those irrational people who can’t abide them. I prefer dogs, but have no issues with felines πŸ™‚
      I still get a minute to see and read yours every day – just not comment.

  6. It’s good to hear that “Granddad” is on his way home. I’ll look forward to hearing that he is safely home. That is all I asked for from France!! I love Niko’s words for “in France”

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