Wildlife Wednesday: The Battle for the Back Door

Robin on the kids' slide

Ah, the American Robin…

No relation at all to the English Robin. The homesick colonists must have dubbed it with a familiar name because of the red on its breast…

Harbinger of Spring, Bug-Eater Extraordinaire…

The Pantry Door

And sometime Bane of My Existence…

Not ALL robins, mind you, just one very determined pair…can you see why?

Let’s do the close-up:

Nest atop the porch light

There are thousands of places around here to build a nest, and these two choose the porch light beside my very busy pantry door. This has been going on for a couple of years now – they build, I take it down before it’s finished, they wait a few days and start again…

Pile on the floor

This was the third one this year…

You might ask why I don’t simply leave it there. Well, the area is very enclosed, and that’s a door that HAS to be used year-round – a recipe for disaster, if a startled parent bird flies into the house in a panic. All my garden supplies are stored in that alcove, too, so I’m in and out constantly. That’s the kind of interruption that can result in abandoned eggs, or even abandoned babies…

Better to take it down, and make them go elsewhere. Eventually, they do…

Robin on the roof

Don’t be mad at me, Bird-Brain.


26 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: The Battle for the Back Door

  1. Too funny! My mother and sister have had the same issue, only they didn’t catch the nests in time, and had to use a back door for months!
    You go, mother Nature!

  2. We’re having a similar problem with redstarts at the moment. I think they’re building again, and I’ve decided to let them carry on this time…. Bird-brain really is an apt expression!

    • Never known flickers to nest close to the house – that’s interesting.
      You know what happens when you put bird houses up around here? You get starlings and English sparrows. Robins won’t use them…

  3. Yeah, I’ve faced that exact dilemma. Only for us it’s barn swallows who build their nests above our front door. I put up Styrofoam cups above it and that keeps them away. Looks weird and people ask about it, but it works!

  4. I was telling a friend about your post on nesting robins. She has a birdbath in her yard and the robins “dip” the straw/grass in the water before using it for a nest. I think I will get Badger to go with me to get a birdbath. What fun to watch!! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!!

    • No need to dip anything here – it’s already wet…They line the nest with mud, too. The ones that nest in the basement vestibule come back to the same nests, year after year.
      Enjoy your birdbath, and ‘Hi!’ to Chris!

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