Dandelion Days (Snippets)

Dandelion Days

We’re moving right along, though I have few photos to show for it. What I do have are bits of conversation, verbal scenes from our recent weeks…

On Sarah’s first day of work, things went beautifully. Niko and Angel played, took their naps, ate their lunches. No tears. No fights.

Then came Five O’Clock.

The Little Man grabbed a book off the shelf, and plopped it in my lap to read. Then he stared at the cover (a favorite from his own collection as well). His face crumpled as he realized Who Was Missing from the room…

“MOMMMMM-YYYYYYY…” he wailed.

And wailed.

And wailed.

Angel, sweet child that she is, tried to comfort her cousin with a song:

“Don’t cry, Little Man. Cheer up! She’ll be back soon…She’ll be back SOOOOOON….”

He wailed louder. And the louder he wailed, the louder she sang, until she was standing 4 inches away, her face next to his, matching him in volume…

We continued in this manner until his Mommy walked through the bedroom door at 6:30.

Things have gotten much easier since that first day, for Niko AND for everyone else.Β  We’re better at remembering not to run inside the house, better at staying in the bed when Grandmom says it’s time for a nap…my house is full of sand from the sandbox, and dried-up dandelions that were picked and smuggled in while I was looking elsewhere.

He still has his moment (or three) of crying when she leaves, but most days, he settles back down quickly. The “Where’s Mommy?” question crops up sometimes…

“Well, Niko, where IS she?”

“In Mommy’s car seat. She go to work.” He looks at me.

“I don’t want her go to work.”

Me either, Kiddo…

“I don’t want her…” is a phrase I hear often, usually applied to his cousin:

“I don’t want her be asleep!”

“I don’t want her ride the bike!”

And, the favorite – “I DON’T WANT HER GO TO SCHOOL!”


Don’t ask me why he’s lying on the stairs – your guess is as good as mine.





26 thoughts on “Dandelion Days (Snippets)

  1. I’m sending you best wishes for physical and mental strength because there is a reason moms are usually 20-30 and grandmas are – well, grandmas are in a more mature range. Niko, Sarah, and Angel are lucky to have you in their corner. You are providing support and love that only a grandma can. Have a great day.

    • I’ve tried to get a photo of him picking them – all crouched-down in the grass – but no luck so far. Only about 1 in ten makes it to the house. The rest are just decapitated blossoms πŸ™‚

  2. Finding smuggled dandelions probably isn’t as sweet as it sounds, but it makes for a lovely mental picture. Too soon you’ll hear stories that include, “Where’s Grandmom? WAAAAA! I don’t want her be at her house!”

    • Better the dandelion confetti than the rocks…finding those with a bare foot isn’t fun at all.
      Sarah takes him up to see his dad every Tuesday, and by 5 pm he’s ready to ‘go back to Grandmom’s house, Mommy. NOW.’ πŸ™‚

  3. I love the story of the kids and Niko’s comments. Sweet Angel, to try a sooth his anguish. She, who no longer lives with her mom, tried to help him when his went to work. Sounds like he has a good, loving support group.

  4. That is a great story, poor Niko, he will adjust, sounds like you all have a lot of adjusting to do, You must be finding this so hard too, my heart goes out to you when I think of what you must be going through. Just when you thought your life was your own, you children had grown up and now you have two little ones to look after, you are a really remarkable person.

    • He’s adjusting well…Sunday morning, he wailed once when Mommy left the house, then turned to me and said, “I go play outside now?” πŸ˜€
      In a lot of ways, having him here makes Angel’s life easier and better. Sarah’s hoping to be in a place of her own by the end of the summer, but we’ll still be doing the childcare, I think.

      • I suppose with him there it means that Angel has someone to play with and gives you more time to do what you want, so you don’t have to entertain her. My girls are only 15 months apart in age, and people used to say, that is must be so much hard work, and I used to say no, because they always have someone to play with, that always helps.
        You take care.

        • So true. My 3 kids are each just about two years apart. The thing I keep thinking is, “I did this before, but HOW?” Then I remember that I was 20 the last time…
          I’ve got a sitter one day a week, and Angel goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m making the most of the Me-time πŸ™‚

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