Wildlife Wednesday: Birds in Spring

Chickadee in the apple tree

Lots of romance and heartbreak in the avian world this week…

The kids and I were doing a walk-around by the apple trees, when the softest of birdsounds came drifting down…Not a ‘chirp,’ not a ‘screech,’ not even a warble…I can only describe it a murmur…

Looking up, we spied a pair of chickadees flitting from branch to branch, catching bugs, feeding each other, and all the while, ‘talking’ in soft, gentle voices.

Whispering Sweet Nothings?

I think so…

Egg on the ground

Things are not so happy in someone else’s nest…

Angel found this in the grass yesterday (we call her Hawkeye). Not sure who it belonged to, but some bird is sad…


I haven’t the time to do a good search, but I suspect it might be a swallow’s egg. Based mostly on the angry actions of this fellow:

Swallow on the nest

Who tried to dive at my head every time I looked his way.

Sorry, Little Guy…


19 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Birds in Spring

  1. Great pictures!! What a sharp eyed little girl, Hawkeye is a good “name” for her. I enjoy reading about the antics of your animals and the two young ones that call you Grandmom.

  2. Way to go, “Hawkeye”! This Little One has many talents. Personally, I can’t wait for berry picking season. With 2 such capable pickers this year, you’ll be lucky if any berries make it back to your house. 🙂

  3. Walking with children is the best, best, best, it is like a wee holiday for you and treasure time for them! And you did find treasure.. morning honey.. c

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