Everybody OUTSIDE!

Tomatoes and peppers, outside!


The forecast says we won’t drop below 50 at night for the next 10 days, and the afternoons will be slightly overcast. Perfect for hardening-off the basement-grown tomatoes and peppers, to prepare them for Life on the Outside.

There are too many, as usual…but don’t they look great? I’ll plant what I have room for, and give a few away to friends. This year’s varieties: Sun Gold (Cherry tomato – Angel’s favorite), Sweet Pea (a currant-sized tomato, for the planters), Old German (Heirloom slicer), Β Coure di Bue (Heirloom, paste-type) and something that was left-over from last year…the name escapes me. There are also some bell peppers and jalapenos.

Nice weather…the plants aren’t the only ones being sent outside…


Happy kids, happy Grandmom.


44 thoughts on “Everybody OUTSIDE!

  1. Well, I was really impressed with your tomatoes – they look terrific. But, then you had the picture of your two sweeties. Tomatoes – grandkids. Grandkids win. Hope they have fun eating the tomatoes. The garden is like a salad bar for my grandkids. πŸ™‚

    • Niko’s not a tomato fan yet, other than squishing them in his hands. Angel will eat them by the basket if I don’t watch her…
      Which is fine. There are plenty of blueberries for the Little Man πŸ˜€

  2. Happy kids, happy Grandmom is right. Nice looking tomatoes…I hope nature is kind to them. Mine won’t be going in the ground for another couple of weeks.

      • I take mine out of the potting shed each day for several hours in the sun but I’m going to delay planting this year when we take them to Maine. We were there yesterday to open the cottage but it is still cold and windy. They will live in their pots a little longer than usual.

    • The only time I wish we had a fence is when I want to do something other than be the Grandmom-Dragon, or dig in the sand. The little guy isn’t clear yet on what he can and can’t do, so they take my full attention out there…but we’re OUT. That’s soooo much better than IN πŸ˜‰

  3. Your tomatoes look great. I’m partial to the kids, of course. Check out their hair…. almost the exact color!! No wonder someone thought they were siblings!!

  4. It’s pretty much the same here, Marie. It seems like we’ve turned a corner and everyone is out, getting their gardens ready. I hope to get my containers planted tomorrow.
    Those 2 Sprouts of yours couldn’t be more cute!

  5. Sungold one of my favourites too. Your tomatoes look great, perfectly proportioned. Mine are like thugs- squat and tough as it has been so cold- and can’t put them outside, it would kill them. Bask in the warmth, lucky you and the wee ones.

    • This is my first time growing sungolds, but I’m really pleased with them so far. Last summer we bought them from the farmer’s market. Angel would go through half the pint for lunch on Saturdays!

  6. You really have quite a few plants. Can’t wait to see when they’re ready for harvest. I just move some of my tomato sprouts to bigger pots this morning. But they are not as tall as yours. πŸ™‚ Oh…your Grand Kids are adorable. I love those smiles.

    • Thanks, Amy, and welcome!
      I bumped these up to bigger pots about a week ago, when it was still really cold at night. They grew another two inches before I brought them upstairs πŸ™‚
      Happy gardening over in your corner of the world!

  7. I saw the title of this post Marie and instantly thought ooooh I bet that’s plants πŸ™‚ My tomatoes went outside at the weekend too – and not before time! This week I’m chucking the squash outside to harden off, whatever the weather! Which reminds me I must get my camera out πŸ™‚

  8. I love your blog! I just joined the blogging community (well not really, but I finally started getting serious) I hope you will follow me too!

    Tomatoes are my deep, one, great true love in this world.

  9. The tomatoes look fabulous, looks like you will have a good crop. It is good for the kids to be outside too, sounds like great weather coming your way, or already has, I”m catching up.

    • Fingers crossed for a good crop of tomatoes…I’m still trying to figure out where to put them all…
      We’ve had three very cold days in a row, but it looks like we’re back on-track. With any luck, I can get them in the ground this week πŸ™‚

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