The Things We’re Learning

fearless Niko

That trying new ways of doing old things isn’t really scary…

Help! I'm STUCK! (he he!)

That not every boo-boo requires tears and an ice-pack…often a kiss will ‘cure’ it.

Dancing Boy

That it’s great fun to hang out with people who share your love for dancing, art, and your taste in condiments…

Slides have many uses

That having someone just about the same size to play with is much more fun than just hanging out with Grandmom all day…

Well, most of the time.


34 thoughts on “The Things We’re Learning

  1. This is a smile-inducing post, Marie, if ever there was one. I know it’s not all fun and games for Grandmom but those two are going to have quite a Summer.

  2. It has been said that cousins are our first “best friends”. It is certainly true for these two. Smiles that radiate from inside like theirs do are the best of life!! I needed that this morning. I’m living with the 3rd day of a wicked headache abd all thge styff thatat goes with it!!

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