A Quick and Quiet Walk

Beds at the ready!

Wednesday was Babysitter Day – also known as Grandmom’s Day Out. I spent most of it puttering in the vegetable garden and weeding the asparagus.

Lilacs near the back door

The day was warm and cloudy, but fairly still. The light breeze wafted the smell of lilacs all over and around…


Honeysuckle, too.

Once my digging and pulling was done for the day, I took a quiet walk to see what else might have popped into bloom while I was Otherwise Occupied…

Solomon"s Seal

Over by the stone wall, the Solomon’s Seal is adding its own soft fragrance to the Spring Perfume…

Tree Peony

Down at the pond, the one-and-only, much-abused tree peony has FOUR blooms this year. This poor creature was lost in a jungle of brambles for years, then accidentally cut down two springs in a row…this is the third year of its resurrection, and it’s fabulous.

Tiny woodland mayflowers

Over in the woods, a carpet of tiny blossoms…and a great way to end the day!


27 thoughts on “A Quick and Quiet Walk

  1. Stunning – have always wanted lilac in my garden…I think it’s too hot in Spain but maybe I could plant some in England next time. Glad you got a little time to yourself. If anyone deserves it, you do!

  2. Delightful – time in the garden, time to garden and time for wandering and photographing. And some wonderful sights too. I can just imagine how your Spring garden is scented…….

  3. Time alone in the garden is priceless – especially on a spring day with so many beautiful flowers coming into bloom… and that tree peony is just amazing! Have a great weekend Marie.

  4. Gertrude Jekyll said that Background is very important in a garden (I need to buy one of the books of her work for ME instead of buying them as gifts for other people!).. those dainty white blossoms against the beautiful stone wall is a case in point.. a gorgeous shot! I love that wall.. c

    • Thanks, C…I need to trim up some honeysuckle bushes back there, so you can see the wall without getting on your knees! That solomon’s seal is very popular with the bees right now, and the deer leave it alone…maybe I need more 😀

  5. oh! Just delightful! I so enjoyed this walk around your yard. I saw on the news that you are still have a very cold spring. But this tiny walk shows that the rain is making everything lush…but warmth and rain is ever so much better. We are having heat and wind…I like the heat, and the wind is only in the afternoon so I can take it.


    • I love lilacs…they wouldn’t grow well where I grew up, and I always wanted one. The first house we lived in here had a giant one in the back yard…I think it was what sealed the deal on that house 😀

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