Out the Back Door

the old View

I know, I know…it’s supposed to be Wildlife Wednesday. Not today.

It’s another Insane Week around the Ol’ Corner…Grandad’s out-of-town again (back tomorrow) and the weather’s been ridiculous…cold and rainy all weekend, sick kiddoes on Monday when the sun finally did come back…Getting dinner on the table at a Reasonable Hour has been the limit of my creativity this week…

If Celi hadn’t posted this challenge, there might not be a post, but she wanted to see What’s the View From YOUR Back Door (for those of you that didn’t click the link). Folks from all around the world sent links and photos of what they see when they step outside…You’ve all seen mine, but we’ll do it again.

Looking North

The top photo is the Old View, straight out the kitchen door. It faces west, and the empty lot between us and Neighbor Dorothy and her horses. The little cemeteryΒ is just the other side of the rhododendrons, behind the old stone boundary wall…

Turn right, and face north, and you have the second photo. Apple tree in the foreground, kitchen garden right behind. Looking waaaay up into the back, you can just about make-out the garlic and asparagus beds, and beyond them, the entrance to the back field…

Don’t ask me about that project…it’s keeping me awake at night….

Facing South

Turn to your left, and you’re facing south. Sidewalk, driveway, front lawn…greening up nicely, now that the weather has shifted from Cold and Wet to Warm and Wet (mostly).

Funny thing about our Back Door…Once upon a time, long before I ever laid eyes on this house, it was the Front Door. Hubby always has to stop and think when I say “back” as to which door I’m talking about…to avoid confusion, I try to remember to call it the Kitchen Door. I don’t always remember, but I do try…

I’m nice like that. Mostly…

Hope you all enjoyed it…I’m missing getting around and reading all of your blogs. Hope to see you SOON!

30 thoughts on “Out the Back Door

  1. It’s lovely to see the veiws to the north and south – now I can really picture you there! I understand what you mean abou the confusion over the old front/back door thing. In our new place in England we swopped the kitchen and bedroom around and for ages (while we were renovating) we had to keep saying “do you mean the old kitchen (new bedroom) or the new one (old bedroom”! Very confusing πŸ™‚

  2. I am so glad you did one of these. I love your views. Your door nomenclature made me chuckle… Hope things calm down over there! (And I just noticed your beautiful header. Holy cow those are nice!)

  3. Nice to see that familiar view again, and the swing to the left and right puts it all into perspective. Hope it dries up soon – same here, cool and very wet!

    • Now THAT’S looking for the Silver Lining πŸ˜€
      Yes, the lilacs lasted days longer than usual…and they seemed to have a better fragrance this year. We hit 90 yesterday, so the Cool Spring may be over…

  4. While I love the scene out the kitchen door, your header is the best!! We got rain today!! Sarah has the details.

  5. I must say, Marie, that your Little Corner is really quite nice. I hope that things have settled some for you by now so that you can find a little time to enjoy it.

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