Wildlife Wednesday: Things With Wings

Ladybug on a Lamb's Ear

Two of Angel’s Favorite Things in the same picture – ladybugs and lamb’s ears.

Ladybug on Angel's hand

Hard to believe that just a little more than a year ago, she was terrified of bugs. Any of them. ALL of them… Now, I have to pry them out of her hands…

Not unlike her Grandmom at that age, from what I’ve heard.

The Swallows' Nest

In other flight-related things, the swallows seem to have finished building, and the nest is slowly drying. They hang around close by to keep other, less-industrious pairs from swiping it.

There have been some noisy confrontations!

And, my favorite Winged Creature of all for this week:

Niko-dragon and Angel-fairy

She’s a Wood Fairy. He’s a dragon…Grandad found a wonderful toy shop on his trip!


32 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Things With Wings

  1. I love the costumes!! Granddad did an awesome job picking them. Yes, you loved anything that crawled and would fit in your hand!! Hugs all around, please!!

  2. I was completely fascinated with the lambs ears in my mom’s herb garden when I was little. So much so that they were one of the first things I planted when I started my herb bed.

    Love the costumes!

  3. Good for Angel in learning to love bugs! She has good taste in tomatoes, now bugs and plants- ladybirds and lambs ears were always two of my favourites when I was a child! Great costumes, must have been a fun day for all.

  4. What a wonderful smile-inducing post: Granddads can have a number of ‘uses’ can’t they! Hope those happy two had as much fun wearing as we have in looking and smiling πŸ™‚ ! Ladybirds [‘Lepatriinud’ in my birth language of Estonian!] have always been quite my favourite ‘bugs’ As a small girl I was taught to sing a short German song when they alighted on my hand: they supposedly then flew away! They did . . . πŸ˜€ !

      • As a child I simply could not believe that I [underlined πŸ™‚ !] could make this happen!! But the four lines probably were just equal to the ‘attention span’ of the ladybird on my unsteady arm!!

    • Oooh, like a signature! There are artists I know of who will always have a particular ‘thing’ in every piece – Jan Brett, the children’s author/illustrator has a hedgehog hiding in all of her work, for example. Feel free to use mine, if you want πŸ™‚

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