6-5-13 Tomato Buds!

Knock me over with a feather…Not one, not two, but THREE of the tomato plants in the kitchen garden have buds.

Mark the day…the earliest I’ve ever had bloom on my home-grown seedlings. We could be eating our own by the 4th of July!

(Don’t ask me what I did differently this year – I have no idea!)


33 thoughts on “FIRST!

  1. Congratulations! Roll on tomato season. My plants are finally perking up and I just gave them some special feed. I’ll be happy if I get any at all, as it’s the first time I’ve grown them from seed myself!

  2. And doesn’t that pale mulch show those buds off well 🙂 ! Down Under I’ll have to wait until Sept to happily praise my new lot of plants . . . .

  3. Congratulations! That is early and the plant looks good and healthy. I, too, have blooms and a couple tiny cherry tomatoes — but I cheated. My seeds didn’t do well, growing all spindly in the poor light. Well, I was walking around the farmers market and came across a vendor selling heirloom plants. Out went the seedlings and in came the ringers. Yes, I feel a twinge of guilt but then I think about having cherry tomatoes in my 4th of July salad and, suddenly, I’m feeling a whole lot better. 🙂

    • I wound up wishing I had done that last year, or at least added a few ‘professional’ seedlings to the mix. Being stubborn only meant I didn’t get any ’til August! Don’t feel guilty, just ENJOY! 😀

  4. Those first buds are always the most exciting – they hold so much promise! I miss my fresh, home grown tomatoes already – pity you cant grow them here in winter without a greenhouse (which I don’t have!).

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