Sand and Sunshine

Hazy day, end of May

We had some stunningly hot days last week…hazy and humid, too.

Out Early

The kids and I were outside as early as possible.

sandbox puddle

The overnight storms left puddles in the sandbox…

Irresistible to Small Boys.

wagon 'nap'

What is she going to do with him?

lamb's ears

Ah…an idea…

cleaning Niko

Nope. Too small…you stay. Right. Here.

Big enough

That’s better.

But it may take more than just a leaf-washcloth:

20 minutes later...

That’ll do the trick!


My Yahoo email was compromised yesterday. I sincerely apologize to any of you who received links from “me”. I think we’re fixed now, but if you get any more, please let me know…


15 thoughts on “Sand and Sunshine

  1. Looks like a great day outside, kids are so much fun to watch, mine aren’t like that now, they spend all their time in their rooms. I hardly see them. Looks like summer is going to be fun around your place.

    • I remember those days…my girls were the worst. Not that my son is much better, even now 😉 It’s different with the grandkids, though. I’m so much more relaxed than before…I can really step back and enjoy them.

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