Wildlife Wednesday: We’re Back…For the Moment

Turtle at the Pond

Hi, everyone! We’re still here, if slightly ragged and torn…

Angel finished up her school year last week. I dare anyone not to smile when 15 three-year-olds are singing You’re a Grand Old Flag on stage… Sarah transferred to a store closer to home (good) and her schedule is changing (challenging)…Little Man missed his Daddy Day due to Unforeseen Circumstances…

And. It. Rained.

Ten inches in eight days. Good news for the pond (and the painted turtle above), where the early algae bloom has cleared and the water is now like crystal…Not so much fun for everything and everyone else. It’s hard to explain to a two-year-old boy that you can’t blow bubbles or play on the slide in a downpour…

In other news:

Nest 6-18-13

Mama Swallow is sitting now. There’s no way to know how many eggs she has, but they generally fledge 4 or 5 babies per brood, so we’ll go with that. They’re quite tolerant of me and the grandkids standing around near the nest.

For now, at least.

Ah…the household is stirring…guess that’s all for this morning! Have a great day, everyone!


30 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: We’re Back…For the Moment

  1. After 8 days of rain with 2 little ones stuck indoors, being “slightly ragged and torn” is about the best one could hope for. I hope the weather clears so they can get out and run off some of that pent up energy — and blow bubbles, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like our weather a vouple of weeks back – now we are in the midst of a heatwave! Good to hear from you Marie. Hope you get better weather for the school holidays.

  3. I was following robins nesting outside my kitchen window. I saw her build the nest, lay the eggs, sit on the eggs in two and a half weeks of pouring rain, turn the eggs and hatch them. They were in the nest for 4 days, when I left for Colorado. Now they’re gone. πŸ™‚

  4. A very young wren was on the steps last night. It finally returned to the stack of limbs and sticks so I guess it was a wren. Your pictures are wonderful, I love the turtle and the mama swallow watching her nest. Send us some rain, please!!

  5. I feel your pain! Keeping toddlers indoors is like…I don’t know what it’s like but it’s just miserable. When my daughter was two I spent my mornings at a community center for stay-home mothers with kids under 5. They would let the kids play in the rain as long as it wasn’t a torrential downpour.

    • I’d have given anything for a place like that when my kiddoes were little…
      We had mostly downpours last week – what we refer-to as Road Gratitude Weather…as in, “Aren’t we grateful that we paved the road? Otherwise, we’d be stuck down here…” πŸ˜‰

  6. We have been having the same rain, it really has been winter here, you will laugh I know, our winters are not as cold as other countries, but it is cold for us. Won’t this morning to -0.2, or 31 in your temp, brr, I think there has been a frost.
    Sounds like things are slowly working themselves out in your place, good luck with it.

  7. The rain is really something. I smiled just at the thought of 15 three-year-olds are singing You’re a Grand Old Flag on stage (my youngest granddaughter just turned 3 this year). πŸ˜€ Love the turtle, and that is a great nest.

    • And this time Angel actually sang with them (unlike Christmas, when she stood on the stage and swung her props around without uttering a word)!
      The swallows are definitely sitting on eggs now, and we’re having a great time watching them πŸ™‚

  8. Yesterday and today have been perfect weather, we need it after all the rain. I know the little ones will be happy to be outside again as will you. πŸ™‚

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