Almost-Summer Sky

Hard work is supposed to be its own reward…or so we tell teenagers when they ask why they don’t get paid to mow the yard. But isn’t it nice when an unexpected tangible prize comes your way?

On a bright late-spring morning, when the breeze is calling you away, but you pretend not to hear it…there is work that simply must be done. When, given your druthers, you would prefer not to be swathed in fabric from head to toe to protect from the Itchies, the Scratchies, and the Stingies, you do it anyway…because Right Now may be the best (or only) chance to Get the Thing Done.

Rumbling and grumbling (to yourself, because you’re alone) you lift the chosen Implement of Destruction and get yourself to work…Chop. Hack. Clear…

Then something catches your eye…something red.

wild strawberries

Then another…and another.

The rude hacking stops, and gently leaves are teased aside. Itchy and Stingy things are plucked from the ground by hand as more ruby-red treats are discovered…and devoured.  The next thing you know, you’re sitting cross-legged on the damp, warm ground staring at berry-stained fingers, all of the earlier Bad Thoughts forgotten…

Smiling to yourself, you search the Patch (as it will surely be known from here-on) for just two more jewels…


and give your grandchildren their first taste of Wild Strawberries…


28 thoughts on “Reward

  1. Wild berries – yeah. We have many wild raspberries on the border – every color known. My grandkids were outside yesterday checking to see if berries had set and they had. As for strawberries, the darn chipmunks had eaten every one of them the last two years so we pulled them out. But, we found some volunteers, replanted in a bed, put a cage over the bed and my grandson has a few berries ripening. There’s nothing like nature’s salad bar. 🙂

    • Lots of wild blackberries here, with some raspberries mixed in too, but we won’t see them ready until late August…I have to assume that this strawberry patch has been there for a while, but was hidden in the nettles and wild roses. Maybe come fall, we can re-position some of them into a safer, less-itchy spot 🙂

  2. I can see you sitting there licking your lips Marie! Little treasures like that can make everything right in the world… for a while at least! Thanks for sharing your moment of happiness – made me smile! 😀

  3. Love when this happens! Sometimes when things get too crazy, all I have to do is go to the garden. I’m always amazed at what I find and how my mood changes. And to find snacks! That’s even better!!!

  4. What a gift!! The kids will love them, and their faces will be covered with the red of the berries!! Oh, what a nice day for everyone!!

  5. When I saw your first photo, I thought the beautiful blue sky was your reward – but wild strawberries too… sounds like a perfect kind of a day, even if it did involve some work you didn’t want to do!

  6. You take me back to being knee-high-to-a-grasshopper back in Europe, going for long forest walks with darling Daddy and absolutely pouncing every time a saw a wild strawberry patch . . .how sweet and ALL MINE, I FOUND THEM DADDY 🙂 !

    • What a wonderful memory…when I was a child, wild strawberries were the stuff of Fairy Tales (too hot for them in Oklahoma!). Moving North was like being dropped into my little-girl fantasies 🙂

  7. What a find! I bet your 2 Grandkids had a field day. This is just what Little Angel needed to get her into blueberry picking shape and a good introduction of what’s to come for Niko. What fun!

    • Um…yeah…about that…
      I gave them ONE berry each. The patch is in an area full of nettles and poison ivy, so they couldn’t go up there to pick. But every time I came back down to where they were playing, Niko would drop whatever he was doing and run to me shouting, “Another strawberry, Grandmom?”
      Nope. The rest were *mine* 😀

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