Cake for Breakfast?

Sarah's Birthday Cake

And why not? Especially when the cake (pound) and the fruit (local strawberries) are on-hand, and there’s no other time when we’ll all be together with the birthday girl for a few days?

We buttered slices of cake and fried them in the skillet (think, grilled cheese sandwich), then topped each with strawberry puree, fresh whipped cream, and a couple of whole berries…and Sarah/Auntie Sarah/Niko’s Mommy had an excellent birthday! 😀


44 thoughts on “Cake for Breakfast?

  1. Why not for breakfast? I had a very similar treat just last night about 30 minutes before I hit the sack. If you ask me, there’s no better way to start & end the day. I do love berry season!
    Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  2. A perfect birthday breakfast! I remember my fisrt ever trip to the States as a wide eyed 21 year old on a business trip (Caesar’s Palace Hotel Vegas…can you imagine?!) and I ordered pancakes for breakfast and was presented with this huge plate of pancakes adorned with fruit cream, syrup…I had just never imagined that breakfasts like that existed!

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