Wildlife Wednesday: Random Things in my Yard

Lovely Butterfly

A few restful creatures in a hectic week…

I don’t know the name of this sweet butterfly (I’m hoping it’s a sweet one, not one whose larval stage munches holes in my veggies), but if anyone does know, please speak up…

Whoever she is, she looked quite happy flitting about in the tassel flowers…


The turtles are getting bolder…This one drifted lazily in the pond right below my feet for several minutes…


Just sort of watching…

A nice way to spend the day.

ants on a thistleDon’t panic, John – they’re ants, not spiders.

As I was leaving the pond I saw a thistle – one of the big ones – and walked over to whack it down before it could bloom. What looked at first glance like  fungal spots of some sort proved to be a colony of ants. If you click the image to see it bigger, you’ll notice that the ants are in the company of tiny green aphids…which, if memory serves, the ants will ‘milk’ for their sweet honeydew. Never saw this in the wild before…it was pretty cool.

A Swallow Update:

There are three babies in the nest – I think we lost one to a marauding blue jay last week. The first week or 10 days after they hatched, they were completely silent. Last Friday, they found their voices….And boy, do they use them! All the photos I took turned out badly – it’s been very cloudy and rainy, making the light difficult. I’ll post one soon!


24 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Random Things in my Yard

  1. I love that you have turtles in your pond – we have newts and frogs, but nothing that exotic! Hoping that your butterflies are different to the ones we get here, because it looks a lot like the white ones that lay their eggs on cabbages and other brassicas…

    • I kinda’ thought it might be ‘one of those’, but oh, well…swallowtail caterpillars eat parsley, but I’m not going to stop them 😉 I don’t grow brassicas anyway – the grasshoppers do them in, every time.
      Funny how a commonplace animal here is exotic elsewhere…While we *have* newts and salamanders, they’re shy (and a bit rare) and we almost never see them. I once told a little boy from England that I’d never seen a hedgehog, and he thought it was crazy 🙂

  2. Love that gorgeous turtle [am looking right back at it!] . . . also am not that sure about the ‘innocent ‘ looking butterfly . . .

  3. I agree that turtle is the essence of peace, and thank you for the reminder, i have some thistles that need a good wack today too! It is turning into the year of the thistle.. c

  4. Our weather has been so unpredictable and our nights so cool that I’ve not seen many butterflies. At least I hope that’s the reason. I could sit and watch turtles for hours. They’ve always fascinated me. Not to worry about the ants, Marie. I recognized them straight away. The day spiders start appearing in clusters like that is the day I move to Antarctica. I’d better check the 4G coverage maps. 🙂

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