Wildlife Wednesday: A Gift

Thinking about it...(Sunday)

All day Sunday, they perched on the edge of the nest, spreading their baby wings, stretching, craning their necks…

Working up their courage.

ready yet?

On Monday, it was much the same.

Almost there!

Tuesday morning. Mama Bird sat perched on the porch light a few feet from the nest and called to them. At first, there was much open-mouthed complaining. Then…

They Did it!

They launched.

mama bird

For the first time ever, I was allowed to sit right there on the porch to watch and photograph the event. No squawking ball of feathers flying in my face when I stepped out the door. No complaints or threats, though I was a mere five feet from the fledglings.

I felt honored to be so trusted.

birds on a wire

Way to go, Little Ones.


28 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: A Gift

    • I was amazed…We’ve had other close-to-the-house nests, but always before, the parents tolerated me when the babies were in the nest, then flew at me when they were in that awkward learning to fly stage…this was SO different!

      • My contribution with a omen about hirondelles, in french : a nest installed in a house bring happiness
        One risq the most great misfortune, doing fall the nest, and more again, in killing one of them
        An hirondelle which hedgehop (above the ground) announce the rain
        So, Good Luck

  1. Isn’t that something! Those little guys grew up so fast! And thank goodness they changed hair styles. They never would have found worthwhile jobs with that frizzy look of 2 weeks ago.

  2. What a gift to be able to witness the launch and the beginning of their lives flying. Do they tend to come back to the place where they grew up to build their own nests? I love John’s comment about the jobs!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the ‘growing up’ of both your two-legged and feathered youngsters 🙂 ! You must really have had to hold your breath when the little ones first tried . . . and succeeded!

    • Thank YOU, for reading about them 🙂
      I actually wasn’t worried about the little ones – I’ve never seen one truly fail at flying. I *was* worried about the Mama Bird deciding I was a threat, though!

  4. How wonderful Marie, it must have been wonderful to watch, were you nervous for them. I think I would have been. The mama bird must recognise you as always being there and leaving them the space they need.

    • I wasn’t nervous for them, only that the parent birds wouldn’t let me come out my back door…first time I’ve ever been trusted enough to watch. Maybe these birds are just smarter than the ones I’ve ‘met’ before? 😉

  5. Oh how wonderful that they trusted you to bear witness to such a tender moment! I think that we all have been there a time or two – perched on the edge of our comfortable nest, knowing we need to trust in ourselves, open our wings, and soar. I really liked this post, oh how it hits home with me at this time in my life…

    • I’m so glad you got a chance to see it, knowing how busy you are 🙂
      To extend the metaphor just a bit, they also know they have a safe place to come back to…they’re back on the nest by 7 every night, and Mom brings them snacks…

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