Garlic Harvest 2013

Softneck garlic

Final tally: 72 heads of softneck.

hardneck garlic 2013

80 hardneck.

The heads aren’t quite as impressively huge as last year, probably because of our late spring.

Garden Helper Number One

That didn’t bother my assistants, though…they had a ball helping me pull up The Jungle.


Niko’s role was mostly supervisory…


39 thoughts on “Garlic Harvest 2013

  1. Those are two of the best smiles I have seen!! The garlic looks great, but can’t hold a candle to the kids. Thanks for the pictures!!

  2. That garlic looks like it’s taller than Angel! And of course, the supervisor’s role is very important – especially when it’s carried out with such a lovely smile…

  3. How can I say anything new after all the comments made 🙂 ? You again are one of the people who have made me promise myself: garlic home grown next year, whatever else comes up!!! Would have been fun finding the bounty with these two grinning helpers!!!!!

  4. Hello Marie, is this garlic for one dish or for the week? LOL you know how much I use garlic in my Asian cooking. The grandkids are getting so big and having a ball. Have a super weekend. BAM

  5. Excellent, John pulled the last of ours too while I was away, so they are all hung up .. though not as many as you have there, I need to plant more next year! c

    • Jealous? Nah…you’ve got your hands full with the new place, there’s no time for negativity 😉
      The kids are mostly having a good summer, but last week was so hot and humid that 2 hours outside was all they could do, even with the sprinkler…looking better this week!

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