Lesson Learned


Angel finally learned what can happen if she leaves Grandmom some of the blueberries to take to the kitchen…

As opposed to, you know, eating every single one before they ever hit the bottom of the pail.


Blueberry muffins!

HUGE thanks to Greg and Katherine for this recipe! (Click to see it for yourself!)

Fingers crossed for us today – if the weather holds, we’re on the way to the ZOO!


33 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

    • Angel got out of bed just after I posted yesterday, and told me to, “Come on – we have to go pick! The birds are waking up!” Not as easy as going to the market, but so much more fun! 🙂
      The zoo was hot, but we had fun…

    • The whole family liked them, and we’re a toast-for-breakfast bunch around here…
      My topping was a little too soft, but it was plenty tasty! Thanks for posting it – it’ll be our new go-to for muffins!

  1. I had a meeting that was held in a wildlife park/zoo the other day, hadn’t been to one for years and years, and how much fun did I have?? You know it! I’m trying to work out other locations for business meetings now 🙂

  2. I picked a big pile of blueberries yesterday; if its cool enough this morning, I hope to bake a pie. NOTHING like those fresh berries!
    Have fun at the zoo!

    • The cool thing about being a Grandmom is having the time/skills/organization to teach her the things I couldn’t teach my kids as a young mom…We only cook from scratch around here, and restaurant meals are a treat, not a staple in her diet…Her Grandad brought home a box of some of those awful fruit snack things not long ago (he didn’t read the label very well) and she ate a few, then told me they “tasted funny” to her…Score! 🙂

  3. I can almost hear the conversation you two are going to have before the next berry picking session. I hope it was a good enough day for you to get to the zoo. What fun!

    • Every day is a berry-picking session – she got up at 6 yesterday morning, telling me to “Hurry up! The birds are already awake, and they’ll eat our blueberries!” 🙂
      The zoo was hot, but tons of fun! Pictures later in the week!

  4. That is a Very Important Lesson. I hope the day turned out well and that you made it to the zoo. Lots of lessons to be learned there too, although usually in the form of fun. 🙂

  5. Hmm, Angel looks like a very bright girl! Methinks she has learned: ‘ I can have some and then some more, and oops, oh OK, good, there are enough there for Grandma to make some more of those muffins and I’m going to have as many as I can reach’ 😀 ! If you are wise, perhaps you can have it both ways??

  6. I love that one crumb is on the plate while the rest are scattered all over the place mat. That’s how I eat my blueberry muffins, too.

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