Wildlife Wednseday: Pretty Pest

Bumper Crop

A bumper crop of apples on the big tree…

The Pest

Can attract pests.

Niko spent the rest of the day asking us, “Where’d that reindeer go?”

(In other ‘news,’ I picked the first three tiny tomatoes yesterday…don’t ask me if they were tasty – there was a Small Girl with me, so they never made it to the kitchen. She claims they were “Wonderful!”)


24 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednseday: Pretty Pest

    • At this point, asking her about food from the garden is a little like asking my brother how he liked a movie…never saw one he DIDN’T like 😉
      (Ok, he’s not that bad anymore, but when he was younger….)

    • That deer is just more proof that my poor dog is getting old…two years ago, they wouldn’t have stayed more than a minute in our yard. Now, they wander around until I run them out.
      Angel will eat anything and everything out of the garden, but tomatoes are her favorite 🙂

  1. Beautiful, as pests go! So much more lovely than a hornworm or a slug!!
    And you have reminded me of trying to pick veggies with my own little ones and how everything went from the plant to the mouth. Wonderful!

    • HA! Yep, much better than a hornworm! Haven’t seen any this year – knock on wood!
      Glad this brought you good memories…My kids didn’t have the chance to experience this when they were little because of my work schedule. We had a little herb garden, and some flowers, but no veggies til they were nearly grown.

    • Ugh – wasps…We have tons of them this year. The only pesticide use allowed in my garden is for them – Hubby’s allergic, and I’m in no rush to find out if either of the grandkids are. At least the deer run away when I shout at them 🙂

  2. Well, one always wants what one cannot have! In this case deer close to the house 🙂 ! [Yes, i know, I know!!!] But since immigrating from Europe rather a long time ago, only see them back there or a zoo here: and they are pretty, . . . and your grandaughter will become garden-happy as an adult, I’m sure !!!!

    • Came upon something rather interesting at the end of the day: am no good at giving directions, but if you > ‘The Blue Kale Road’ of today’s posting you may find a very interesting recipe 🙂 !

    • I love riding the train through the French countryside in the early morning, and seeing the tiny deer in the fields…though the farmers probably feel the same way I do about having them there 🙂
      I hope both grandkids have a love of gardening when they’re grown…I didn’t have time when my kids were little to grow veggies, so mine really don’t. Well, not YET, any way…

  3. They cut down Zia’s old apple tree — it was a mess — and we’re wondering how it will affect the deer. They were the only ones to take advantage of the wormy fruit. We’ll know better this Winter. At least Angel isn’t filling up on junk food. Can you “give” her a tomato plant, one that she can “harvest” as many as she likes. Of course, once Niko realizes what’s going on, you’ll have to give him his own plant, too. I wonder if this is how sharecropping started?

    • Always sad to see an old tree go, but they don’t last forever, even with the best care…it just *feels* like they do, because they can outlive us puny humans 🙂
      Funny you should mention the Junk Food – Grandad brought some of those awful Fruit Snack things home from the store recently. She ate two of them, and handed back the package, saying they “Just don’t taste right…” Score!

  4. Your tree looks loaded. The deer know that they have the run of the orchard…there is no stopping them. With three hundred trees they can’t out eat the crop. 🙂

    • The tree’s as loaded as I’ve ever seen, and I don’t have time to thin by hand, so it’ll just have to do…The deer will eat a bunch, but as long as the stupid squirrels can find other food, we’ll still get a crop. Someday I’ll have more than just the two little trees…but nothing like your orchard 🙂

  5. So do you tell Niko that the Reindeers have gone to the North Pole. The apple tree looks very heavy with fruit.
    I love how Angel loves all the produce that you grow, must be wonderful for you too.

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