Angel and Niko’s Excellent Summertime Adventures: The ZOO!

Giraffe, RW Zoo

“Where are we going, Kiddoes?”


“What are we going to see?”


No kidding.

“What KIND?”

“Zebras!” “Eh-phants!” “Giraffes!”

Watching Zebras

And we did!

Monday was awfully hot – 90F by the time we got to the zoo at 10am – but we came prepared with sunscreen and water bottles.

Red River Pig

The kids had a great time, hopping from exhibit to exhibit…

water break!

Taking time out for the occasional water break…

African Crane

Then hopping on to the next.

That African Crowned Crane was just begging to have his picture taken!

Roger Williams Park Zoo (Providence, RI) is small, but wonderfully staffed and maintained. We didn’t see everything in our two and a half hours there, but it was enough. I bought a Grandparents Membership that lets us come back any time in the next year for no charge, so there’s plenty of opportunity to see the rest.

Cooling off

Maybe on a day that’s not so hot.


40 thoughts on “Angel and Niko’s Excellent Summertime Adventures: The ZOO!

  1. I should be leaving but I saw this pop in my inbox. How cute is that pic of Niko at the water break? I give you credit for braving the heat with the two Darlin’s but, then again, it was just as hot at home. At least you had some 4 legged animals to distract them. 😉

  2. Wonderful pictures! Once again you’ve brought back great memories; we loved that zoo, although it was a long ride for us! I remember long rides home where the chatter would start out at full speed, all about which animal was the coolest, then would gradually taper off as they all fell asleep…..

  3. Great pictures… wonderful fun!! You are brave to do that but it is worth it. Love those faces!! Thanks for your efforts posting these photos.

    • He *is* that!
      We walked around the other side of that wall/fountain to leave, and I saw a mom with three girls make them pose like Niko so she could take their picture…my little Trendsetter 😉

  4. Can’t understand people, big or little, who don’t get a buzz out of a zoo trip!! Your two [and you] methinks did!! Yes ‘elephant; is kind’of difficult to say . . . my younger daughter could stand and stare at ‘heffalumps’ half the day and in the end we all called ’em that 🙂 ! Oh, we had ‘hopgrassers’ at our place too . . .

  5. oh and they will never tire of it, there is always something to see at the zoo, especially as it is a NICE zoo! A grapnparents membership sounds excellent.. what an idea! c

  6. A friend came today to look at your pictures. She has 2 boys and said the same thing that Linda from Colorado said about Niko putting his head in the water. “That is just all boy!!”

    • They each got a little pouch of plastic animals at the gift shop, and have re-played their zoo visit over and over, building pens and enclosures out of blocks…I love watching them pretend! 😀

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