Some Good Came From the Heatwave

Early morning vines

It should be noted that while all the creatures with blood and skin suffered and sweltered last week, those with chlorophyll leapt up and rejoiced…

Cucumber vines

The cucumber vines outgrew their bed, and began to bloom like there was no tomorrow…

We’ve picked 4 cukes already!

Green beans and zucchini

Green beans are passing the ‘enough for a meal’ stage and going directly to ‘Holy Cow! Where did these all come from?’

The zucchini planted between them have a few little squash on them, ready to pick today!


The watermelons – the ones that were too small to see in my last garden update.  I’m amazed at how small the blossoms are, to produce such large fruit!

Sungold Tomatoes

Angel’s cherry tomatoes enjoyed the heat the most…there are enough now that even I get to eat a few!

Cour di Boue Tomato

Now it’s time for the big tomatoes to start putting on some color!

The heatwave broke Sunday morning with a loud CRASH of thunder and a tremendous downpour, making for much easier living. Last week’s stagnant, humid air may still come back to bite us – prime weather for blight and mildew – but we’re on our toes for signs on the tomatoes and squash. The lettuces didn’t like it too much – they bolted rather quickly, and will have to come out and be replanted now…It’s also time to sow the seeds for the fall veggies, another round of beets and carrots, and some kale…

And, one last thing:

Angel's zinnia

The first of Angel’s zinnias opened!


25 thoughts on “Some Good Came From the Heatwave

    • Raising the next generation of gardeners is exactly what we’re going for …my parents didn’t garden, but I had wonderful grand- and great-grandparents who did…there wasn’t much time for gardening when I was working, so my kids got skipped. I want these two to know that it’s worth all the hard work, whether you’re growing food, flowers, or both! 😀

  1. Sugar: rain alone does not lead to such growth!! What on earth do you feed them? The cukes and green beans, I mean [ . . . and the power of positive thinking . . . NO mildew allowed!]. And Angel: Granny will tell you I clapped my hands when I saw your little tomatoes and that lovely zinnia! Wonderful: hope more blossoms later . . .

  2. So you’ve had hot humid weather too – ours is about to break tonight/tomorrow – I’d love to hear an announcement via a large thunder clap!
    And isn’t the veggie garden looking full and expectant! I’ve started picking a few courgettes, beans are emerging, peas are picked, tomatoes are still nowhere to be seen and lettuce is still waiting to be planted, I need to re-sow! Happy days and happy Zinnias too 🙂

  3. The veggies are beautiful!! The beans make me think of my dad’s garden. He grew wonderful beans. Tell Angel that her flower is wonderful. I’m sure she loves the color!!

  4. It is wonderful to hear bits that are considered Angel’s part of the garden.
    It never ceases to amaze me how things grow in such heat and in full sun. It is so burning to us. Looks like you are going to have a great lot of stuff from the garden though.

    • We’re hoping to have a great harvest – the kids know to come find me in the garden if I’m not in the kitchen when they get up! Angel is quite pleased with her flowers – so far, she won’t let anyone cut them 😀

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